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  1. I know you asked about your bike, but, if older truck/SUV with real metal, I always have a hide-a-key also on the frame or some where fairly easy to access that you don't have to be in the cab to pop the hood to get to. I wouldn't risk a $400+ modern keyfob in one though. Usually, there a removable door key built in, but probably won't crank the truck? A hide-a-key has saved my ars countless times...
  2. Micheal Babb

    '87 TT350

    Thanks, I sent off carb after ethanol ruined it, so brand new cleaned and no ethanol/gas. Haven't diddled with carb. Actually after reading all threads and it being an insane carb, will take to a specialist and have complete tune up with valves adj'd etc. Understand valves can be tricky also and need a Yamatool, so this is way out of my league. Will let Harper's tune all. New petcock in also and fresh non-ethanol gas. Bike is mint for age and first time cranked since putting carb in 12 yrs. ago and it wasn'tuned right then and I'm at 4000 ft, if that has an bearing?
  3. Micheal Babb

    '87 TT350

    Got my TT running again, and anyone know stock carb settings for air, etc. It wants the choke on to run halfway clear, will idle OK without choke when warm, but when hot, and without choke, it, wants to blubber/miss?
  4. Oops, already ordered from Dark Horse a K&L rebuild kit, part# 18-9361V. Ebay said 99.8% ratings, so hope it's a decent kit.
  5. OK, will check into a rebuild kit with jet. Thanks.
  6. Any others ideas out there?
  7. Oh crap! 2000+ miles. Removed vacuum hose and plugged up petcock, no difference, closed off air from airbox, no difference, cleaned plug, no difference. Fuel runs out when petcock ON, no fuel on reserve?? No fuel as should be when off. Why no fuel coming out when on reserve? Should be coming out as fast or more than when ON? Could the petcock also be a problem? Petcock on, gas in carb and all these fixes and still won't run.. Any ideas where to get Best rebuild kit without going thru Suzuki? Ebay and best aftermarket name brand or go Suzuki? Thanks. Killing battery trying to get started. Will it mruin the new battery? Hook up a 12 volt car battery ot will that burn something up?
  8. 2008 DR650, ran good May 2019 after sitting all winter. Battery went dead. new battery, cranks, quits. Choke must be on to crank and quits 1/2 seconds after. Drained gas, new non-ethanol plus carb/injector cleaner in it, checked vacuum hose, air goes in/out fine, gas drains outta the carb, no change, won't stay running??? What's next replace petcock with another mentioned on this link? Help...Also had an automotive in-line fuel shut off to carb after petcock that works.
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