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  1. Thanks for you're perspective. Glad you like them. We've had more riders come up and say they love the EVO in extreme situations than ever before. Some love the Softer compound, and it is STILL winning more hill climbs than any other tire period.
  2. It's alright to have your opinions. All we can say is sorry.
  3. We definitely understand some riders want for the old compound back. There are a lot of reasons we had to do away with the old compound. With out going into detail we are sorry to say the old version will most likely never be available again. Again there are a lot of reason we can't get into. Our apologies. Some riders are much more happy with the new compound, some are not. It definitely depends on your style of riding and what you are looking for in a tire. Again we apologize if you're not satisfied.
  4. Interesting Lots of guys are getting much more than 100 miles on the VE33s. Slavens actually just did a review and he is getting around 400+. A stiff mousse could be the problem a lot of tire spin causes tires to chunk holding traction makes them last longer. Here is a video on Maximizing the life of your VE33S. Hope this helps.
  5. haha!! Thats what we are here for!! We want to focus on the grass roots riders!! You guys have questions we have answers!!
  6. We currently have no plans for a gummy 90/100. The hard part about a gummy front tire is the increased chance of a rolling feeling when the tire is on flat corners. Increasing the size increases the chances. 80/100 had the best cornering feeling with a soft compound during testing.
  7. Our boys at Mojomotosport will ship direct and are usually doing sales on M5bEvos all the time... including buy one get one.
  8. That's a large reason we started with 110 in gummy tires, we want a good all around performance.
  9. We would like to eventually expand to Europe.. It takes a lot of man power to make it world wide.. we are doing our best.
  10. The reason we don't recommend tubeless is because of the increase chance of puncture. Not saying it won't preform well, it preforms great.. but lots of guys will complain when they puncture a thin carcass tire. We do offer bigger sizes in all our regular tires but currently with the IX09W Gekkota there is only a 110. A lot more development goes into making a larger size than just making them bigger.... Carcass structure, casing material, even angle of inner chords all come into play. Its a complicated process with a lot of testing. Lots of R and D. Once again it doesn't mean we will never make one.... We hope you would be willing to try one out. IRC Tire USA
  11. Thats Great to hear!! It won't disappoint!!
  12. Its a Normal size 110/100-18. If you are running a tubeless system we don't recommend the IX09W Gekkota. The Carcass is two ply and very soft. It's specifically made for the most extreme situations. Erzberg, Tennessee Knockout. Extreme Enduro. As far as sizes go we are working hard to get a market for our tires. There is a possibility for more sizes in the future.
  13. Our boys at Mojomotosport will ship direct
  14. Great to hear glad you like the VE33s Have you tried the VE35 front? or our IX09w Gekkota Gummy front? Hopefully after We are in Rocky Mountain others will follow.
  15. Although the VE33 is nearly 25 years old, the VE33S Gekkota has only been released for just over a year. We are trying to keep up with the demand. As the year goes on they will be more readily available everywhere. Im sure you will slowly start to see more and more at the races. They've only been available for about a year and a half and they usually sell out quickly. The Suppliers have to understand how much to stock and that's more on their side than ours. We are pushing them!! It does have a stiffer carcass, I think you'll like it! Hopefully we will be fully stocked soon. Thanks for your insight.
  16. Some guys are saying the Evo lasts nearly as long. Longevity is very important to a lot of guys, performance in for others. Again it is hard to cater to both sides, we did our best with the M5bEvo. Thanks for you're insights. Its good to hear all sides. We hope you keep running it! Try our regular VE33 or VE40 compound. You may like them more. Hope this helps
  17. Awesome, Great Tire! Glad you liked it!
  18. There ya go. Its very hard to cater to everyone but we are glad you are happy with it! We know we are!
  19. We are talking a demand for the VE35 front in a gummy compound correct? We do make a gummy compound in the IX09W Gekkota front in 80/100-21. Although I will take note multiple riders are asking for a gummy VE35. Our goal is to have multiple compounds available to try and cater to as many riders as possible. Thats why we make the VE33 regular compound and the VE33s Gekkota as well as the IX09w Regular and the IX09W Gekkota Gummy. We are working hard to expand our range. Hope all is understood.
  20. Thats a take we have heard... We've also heard the total opposite. One thing we want everyone to understand there is a lot to do with preference when it comes to tires. One guy will want a tire that lasts longer, one guy wants ultimate traction and doesn't care about wear. Its hard to give both. Truthfully the majority of testing we've done on the M5BEvo it has out preformed the original M5b in every way except longevity and It still lasts longer than the average tire. We've also upped the sales significantly with the new EVO. What is it you don't like about the new Evo compared to the original?
  21. Wow I have to say that's a long way on a VE33! Hope you enjoyed it!
  22. Awesome to hear! Im assuming a GP21 GP22?
  23. I'm not sure why all the links didn't work but above are all the play Lists Again Help us out and Subscribe!
  24. Thats Great to hear. Happy to be a part of the community.
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