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    [SMC-R] convert to adventure bike.

    Hey Guys, Time for an update. So i received my new rims a couple of days ago. (19" 2.5 front - 17" 3.5 rear) And fitted some Mitas E-07 tyres under them. And today I fitted them to my SMC-R and here is the result 😎 Exactly how i wanted it! I just used the original spacers and it was a great fit! no need to cut it down.
  2. Fobatai

    [SMC-R] convert to adventure bike.

    Allright guys! Thanks for this information! After reading, especially advice of @M A T and @Kwota i decided to buy a set of 19/17 wheels and see how it goes. 🤗 I learned that the conversion should be easier after the '14 models since they widened the triples. So the offcenter front wheel is not an issue anymore. Ill keep you guys posted with pics. (Also easy for people who want to do this)
  3. Fobatai

    [SMC-R] convert to adventure bike.

    Well, right now the cheapest enduro with ABS is 3k more then my own SMC. That's alot of cash that i can use for mods 😑. And thanks for the welcome! 🤘
  4. Hey fellow thumpers! I bought a 690 SMC-R a couple of weeks ago. Had a 990 smt before and a XT660Z after that for the offroad capabilities. So now I was looking for something lighter, faster and more agile. I knew that the 690 was highly customizable and there where many aftermarket items. I was considering the 690 enduro and the SMC-R. There where only a couple of enduro’s on the market here in the Netherlands (quite flat and barely any offroad capabilities). There were 2 that where interesting for me. ’13 enduro and a ’14 SMC-R (ABS). No other enduro’s with abs on the market for reasonable price. And preferred ABS for safety reasons. So long story short I bought the ’14 SMC-R ABS and figured, buy some bigger wheels and you have an enduro.(although I knew the front spring/axle has an offset) I wanted to make it an more travel bike with 19”/17”-18” anyway. (like https://adventuremotorcycle.com/bikes/project-ktm-690r) But damn I was wrong about that. SMC-R to enduro conversion isn’t so easy. So I want some advice from you thumpers. - I can buy the front forks + triples for $450 from a ’17 enduro. Add front brake (100$), axle and disc. Then buy some wheels. o But what differences still exist then? Will all the enduro mods fit this way? (fairing kits etc) Is this even a good option? Thanks in advance.