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  1. Here’s the video I was talking about this guys really sharp He was a factory race team mechanic
  2. I think they refer to it as chain etiquette lol!
  3. I watched a pro team mechanic do it in a video and he did it with a caliper but I know the tool you’re talking about and that works just as good, but one thing you got a remember actually throw a small ranch between the chain in the rear sprocket you don’t got to go far with It you don’t want to mess your sprocket up but it tightens everything up and it gives you a true reading and gets your wheel where it should be so there’s no slack in it
  4. 3 finders off the chain slider and I use the backside of a caliper as a depth gauge To even it up I do not use the marks on the swing arm I have not found those to be accurate
  5. I did not cut my boot, little WD40 helps it slip on but it’s tight, funny thing is I would imagine that has to be the same boot they use on the NC motor that could come on that bike that has a 32 or might me a 34 I could be wrong on that but to save production costs they try to make a lot of the same things work with different configurations
  6. Chain showed up it was supposed to be gold but it’s not it is an O ring chain however I discovered this with the gold chain it’s a lot bigger and heavier I guess there is a 520 HD (my last chain gold did) and a standard 520 that’s a lot lighter and looks a lot smaller they both fit the same sprocket but I had no idea that even existed and I guess it’s for a street bike this time I got the regular one that’s lighter weight and I added another link which would equate to two links longer than what Orion gave me move the wheel out even further I might still have to remove a link to get it tight if it really stretches I still have so much I spent but I like the way it looks the wheel hanging way out there
  7. Every shop should have an air conditioner
  8. Oh I should have taken the sub frame off I said to myself “I got this” I spent more time on that boot than probably taking the engine out for crying out loud no fun but it’s worth it you will see also make sure you got the jet right @ sea level mine is a 115 and my spark plug looked just right not too lean not too fat And zero bog hits good
  9. dingerjunkie Pm will not let me send a pic ti bolts heading your way
  10. Oh and the filter boot you will learn new Cursewords %%#€¥
  11. Oh it’s tight super tight I had to move wires out of the way cable is not kinked but very close it took better part of two hours just picking at it take the starter off best suggestion I ever got from CRF James
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