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  1. nminus1

    Rowher & DWF Sunday 4/22

    Tom I would love to go especially if Ernie goes too, he's so cool!
  2. nminus1

    Come On Fellas!!!! Put More In The Subject Line!!

    Well as usual youre right and everyone else is wrong. Instead of lurking just post next time, you might be surprised at the response.
  3. nminus1

    Come On Fellas!!!! Put More In The Subject Line!!

    Race gas is only one of many threads you locked Johnny, actually youre slipping..its post a clever response, THEN lock the thread...IF you can take a little BS, and give back too maybe you should join Thumpercrazy.com ...fair enough? You wont be MODERATED there.
  4. nminus1

    Come On Fellas!!!! Put More In The Subject Line!!

    JAT, this is how it seems to work: Someone posts. You stick your nose where its doesnt belong just to disagree with them. They disagree back, therefore they are now in violation of TT rules publicly "calling out" the moderator, so the thread gets locked, moved or deleted and they get punished. Sound about right?
  5. nminus1

    Not happy with CRF's Only.....

    Sounds like total BS Ken at CRF's is extremely reliable and makes no bones about taking care of any problems that may occur, I have made many transactions no problems whatsoever
  6. nminus1

    Race Gas (using it in your 450X)

    I haven't posted here for a while but just to make that stoopid note go away that keeps asking me to post or ask a question.... There is so much mis-information, half truths and out right false statements in this thread about race gas (full of aromatics), AV gas, and pump gas that this is the exact reason I almost never come here anymore, too many people arguing half truths, wives tales and "my friend said" garbage. Next time before you say something, research what octane really is, what gasoline really is, what detonation really is, and ignore all these rumors until you know the truth. Use what ever you want, but at least be informed of the truth. JAT you should know better, you are mis-informed, and let your bias against AV gas lead you down the path. 87 octane and 91 octane (in equal parts)gas mixed together IS 89 octane gas. Christ, haven't you people heard of Google? 100LL AV gas is AT LEAST 100 octane gas measured the same way auto fuel is. Auto fuel is garbage. MTBE is GARBAGE. It is used for emissions only, and DOES NOT MAKE more power. Race gas is full of aromatics like tolulene and generally a waste of money in stock bikes, and is not high quality gas. No high octane fuel will make more power unless the compression and/or timing requirements of the bike are such that it will detonate without it. 100LL AV gas burns cooler, and leaner, and produces less BTU's(power) than equal quality, lower octane gas. Lead is bad to drink, yes, but not bad in limited quanities in engines as long as fouling and excessive deposits are not a problem. Oxygenated fuels, and race fuel for that matter are a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY for stock bikes and non-racers. I agree it smells good, I love the smell too. There are up and downs of all fuels, mixing is perfectly acceptable to acheive what you want, just understand what it is you are looking for and what you will acheive.
  7. nminus1

    Trailtech Vapor Sensor/Magnet Installation

    For those who want to avoid this, buy an Acewell. It hooks up to the stock odo drive, no sensors, magnets to mess with. Damn nice product too...has numeral tach, 3 trips, graph tach, max speed, hourmeter, resettable hour and trips, backlit and some models come with coolant temp, turn signals and high beam indicator. Good stuff, Vapor is nice but the odo drive on the Acewll sold me.
  8. nminus1

    Honda 450X Wins 2006 Baja 1000

    Whats the rumor on that?
  9. nminus1

    How do I "tap" into a power source?

    Do not tap into that. You need a dedicated line to the battery for memory, right? For a switched source you can tap into the tail light to power a $5 relay to turn it on when the bike starts. I have an Acewell but imagine you need a constant hot and switched hot like I do. Also you should use fuses at the battery to protect the circuit, no more than 5 amps. Make a trip to Radio Shack.
  10. nminus1

    I'm Worried

    Yep I'm sure gonna miss him....and that time where he said "sxxt talking is not something you want to start with me" to some A-hole....
  11. nminus1

    Should I Run Race Fuel or High Octane Fuel?

    Try the new low lead AV kerosene..its the bomb. Mix it 50/50 with tolulene. Never use AV gas it makes your fillings fall out, your testicles droop, and your winkie won't work.
  12. nminus1

    aviation fuel in 450x?

    A paper on the porch is worth 2 in the bush?
  13. nminus1

    aviation fuel in 450x?

    Well I can't top that you got me. Like totally...and stuff...that was awesome.
  14. nminus1

    aviation fuel in 450x?

    Junior I think I hear the ice cream man, run along now...
  15. nminus1

    aviation fuel in 450x?

    Finally some truth about AV gas. 50/50 is right on. 100LL is blue, about 3.50 gallon right now, for those (like me) who have to pay for it. And its true it the base for some racing fuels, they just add tolulene (25%) for 115 octane race gas. Thanks Shady, Krannie, cujet for some truth.