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  1. Rider1958

    Not allowed to ride my bike anymore

    You won't realize this until you are much older, but this is the most important advice you'll ever get. I'd give anything to be able to ride with my Dad again.
  2. Rider1958

    "Come on guy, can you work on a bike!?!?"

    LovingOffRoadPain has it right - LAZY is the problem. My only riding buddy is the LAZIEST - the ONLY work he does is to try to get someone else to do his work. He is also the only friend who buys his own dirtbike, snowmobile, and jetski and learns how to ride them well. But he does NO repair nor maintenance, just sits on the couch and plays video games. And he's too cheap to pay someone to do repairs. I've repaired his stuff free for so long I'm sick of it, when more repairs are needed he'll be staying home while I ride. Sorry to sound like a dick, but it never ends.....
  3. Rider1958

    Both axle adjuster bolts frozen, any ideas?

    I just ran into this problem on a friends CRF450R - we drilled a very small hole right above the adjuster bolt, and sprayed PB Blaster on it and kept working the bolt back and forth until it finally came out. Friend had sprayed the entire can inside there by the time we were finished.
  4. Rider1958

    most technical trail in colorado

    The toughest trail (takes the most effort to complete) that I've found was Taylor Park's Eyre Basin Trail, going up. Was a tough uphill - lot's of wheel-spinning and pushing the bike and cursing and wheezing, then they decided it should be downhill only, and then they recently closed it (and other great trails like the Matchless Mountain Trail).
  5. Went into our local Honda dealership here to check out tires. They had the one I wanted, a Dunlop MX31 in 19 inch. Their price = $127 Online price = $65 Dealer wanted almost exactly TWICE what I could get it for online. Dennis Kirk (www.denniskirk.com) would sell me the rear tire AND the front, with free shipping and I'd get it in two days, for less than just the rear tire at the dealership. I want to support local businesses, but not at twice the cost......
  6. Every bike's top-of-wheel to bottom-of-fender distance is different, I pull suspension to fully extended (lean bike on kickstand or lift bike up by handlebars so it stays high), then measure distance from top of tire to bottom of fender. Cut a 2x4 to this length and shove it in there - you may need to lift up a little to fit it in, even then you may need to cut the 2x4 a little shorter (I rarely get it right the first time). Write the bikes model on the 2x4 with a marker so it doesn't get tossed or used in a building project. Then, when on trailer and with 2x4 in place, pull straps down tightly so block presses into tire. This method is to save springs from sagging - which I've personally experienced (others may not agree - heh), I've not seen where this saves seals in any way.
  7. Sorry but I disagree. My bike pretty much lives in the back of my truck. It has been strapped in for days in the AZ heat with no negative effect on the springs or seals. No leaks as well. Also, see the post I quoted above yours. Springs do not die due to being in a constant state of compression. So, by now I'm sure everyone can guess that I don't use a transport brace. They are a waste of money and time. If you ever bring your bike up this way (I live near Sioux City, Iowa, or if anyone near me cares to try this) I've got a bet for you - I'll wager $100 (yes, cash) that if you use the method I posted to test, your bike will show spring sag. THE BET = Measure front ride height, pull tie-down straps tight to compress suspension (I'm sure since you feel this cannot happen you won't mind pulling suspension down ALL the way), leave for 24 hours, then release straps and measure ride height. If same, you win, if less than before I win. $100! Come and get it! P.S. I'd wager more than $100, but if I were that rich I'd have a KTM.....
  8. I use them EVERY time I transport a bike. Reason: In the past on a couple bikes I did not use them on a long trip to a riding area, and after I took the bike off the trailer it no longer sat as high in the front suspension. And NEVER DID AGAIN. I've called several suspension shops about this, and you get different answers, some agreed with me about spring sag, some didn't. But the real test for the non-believers is simply measure the height of your bike in the front, then tie your front end down for a day and leave it (pull the suspension down half-way without a fork brace). After a day take the tie straps off and see if it sits at the same height as before it was tied down.. I believe it won't, and never will again. Because the springs will have sagged. I just cut a two-by-four to the correct length, shove it between front tire and bottom of front fender, pull straps down to hold it in place. Stays in place by the compression against the tire (if you pull straps tight enough).
  9. Rider1958

    Gas can filter

    Or even a sock - cut the top tube-part off, stuff rest of sock in, pour gas through, throw sock away. On a gas can I used a hose clamp to hold it on. I know - there's gotta be a joke in there somewhere......
  10. For instance, this ad was found on CraigsList within a few minutes of searching. It's an '06, LIGHT YEARS ahead in handling and power over a '94 750SX. I also use SearchTempest(.com) and Google for quick ways to search for particular items on CraigsList. 2006 SXR 800 - $3000 (Snohomish) Date: 2011-06-28, 3:45AM PDT Reply to: sale-ceqjv-2466506262@craigslist.org 2006 SXR 800. GREAT SKI. DON'T RIDE IT MUCH ANYMORE PURCHASED A BOAT SO NO TIME FOR IT. * Location: Snohomish image 0 image 2
  11. I think you should NOT trade. You can find 750SX's for much less than what he's asking, in my opinion NO 750SX is worth even HALF of what he's trying to get. Check CraigsList.org and pwctoday.com. Heck - I bought my 1999 750 SXiPro for $1500 (in great shape, and it still runs great) because I waited until a good deal came up on CraigsList. For as much as your bike is worth you could get a nice 800SXR_AND_a JS550 (or better yet the '92-up 550SX with the reed-valve motor) in trade (or more likely sell bike and buy both). I really want an 800 SXR after owning my 750SXi for a few years - it seems YOU could go directly to that advanced 'ski with a trade worth that much. I've seen lots of nice 800 SXR's going for $3500 (and up, of course). Finding out later that your trade was worth MUCH more than what you ended up with leaves a BAD taste in your mouth.....
  12. Rider1958

    lets see the 500s

    My 2004 KX500:
  13. Rider1958

    might buy a monster (kx500)

    I went to look at that XR650R in Omaha, but this is what I encountered: 1. Called guy, asked questions, his story about condition and maintenance of bike changed several times, to where it started to look suspicious 2. But still, I asked to meet and look at bike, guy agreed and a time was set. Traveled 100 miles to see it, when I get there (on time, as agreed) he will no longer answer his phone. Called several times while in Omaha, wasting time, thinking he was just busy, left messages asking for a call back - never happened. Ad has been up on CraigsList for quite some time now, I suspect that if anyone did look at this bike, the bikes poor condition and the questionable character of the owner made them run away. Just a heads-up.......
  14. Rider1958

    Best Riding Scenery with pics/video.

    Taylor Park, CO: Moab, UT: