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  1. If I posted a new thread saying "I'm an experienced rider. I ride mostly ST and hills. I'm 6 foot tall, and 200lbs and have been riding a 250 2T for the past few years". Lets say I got 100 replies. How many of them do you honestly think would be suggesting a KTM 150cc? How many do you honestly think would say KTM 300? Enough said. And hence this thread.
  2. I learnt a long time ago, trying to convince people of anything is futile. I'm just putting forward a different way of thinking about things. Most people, even some of the experienced ones, also think they'll go faster on a bigger bike. But that's the consensus, not the facts. You will learn more from the people that think differently to you. Than you will from people that think the same as you. Or, agree with the general consensus. I enjoy the conversation. If you agree with everything I say. there'd be no conversation. A lot of people go along with the general consensus, because It's easy, and they don't have to put much thought into it. Give a kid a "smart" phone. Then ask him a question he won't know the answer to. See if he googles it, or has a proper think about it. Then, do the same to one of your friends, in their 40's. BTW. The general consensus is. Google is factual. When the actual fact is, Google is not factual. "Men can" not give birth, or have periods.
  3. Small bores are the best bike when it comes to progressing skills at an early stage. Not just that, You'll have sharper skills, good chance you'll be faster on the smaller bike, and be able to ride for longer. That should be a part of everyone's riding aspirations.
  4. Everybody's body and brain reacts to the same stimuli differently. What gets my juices flowing probably doesn't get yours flowing. EDIT: Just face it. Lets all be honest. If time was not a factor in a Hill climb comp, they'd still hit the hill, WOT. And for good reason, It's a lot more fun. Gets those "juices flowing". Lugging/tractoring, up a hill, is for people who can't do it WOT. Seriously though. It has It's place, but, It's no substitute for WOT fun. If you think you can hit a hill hard and fast, do you ever find yourself hitting it at lugging speed instead? If you do, better check your pulse, and make sure you still have one. People don't lug up hills because they can, they do it because they have to. The reason I keep talking about hill climbs so much is for good reason, that's where you'll see the people on the bikes that are too heavy, or powerful for them, come unstuck. After making a mistake, lugging wasn't an option. Because the bikes weight got them before they had a chance to do that. 9 out of 10 times, when the bike comes to a stop, it hits the ground. It doesn't happen because the riders want it to happen. It's gravity. The heavier the bike, the more you'll feel it. Especially when you have to pick it up. I'm not meaning to put shit on people like that. I'm trying to help them. I was one of them when I was still on the 450. I could ride ST, and make the hills on the 450 while I was still racing MX. But once I stopped racing, and even more critically, training. My riding slowly went to shit. I'd hit a hill, make a small mistake, or get off line, and end up lugging the rest of the way. Because of the bikes weight in most cases. In ST, I couldn't go as hard as I'd like, because the bike was too heavy and too powerful, for my fitness and strength. It was just a matter of having to be honest with myself, and admit the bigger bike was simply too much for me. Then I got back on the small bores, and happy days are here again. I'm having more fun than I ever have in the past 44 years of riding. And, the challenge is a bonus. BTW. I Include a 250 4T is in the small bore category, I tried both 2T and 4T, after getting off the 450. I'm just better off road on the 2T. As I've said, I'll ride just about anything on an MX track. And have fun.
  5. Im watching other videos on YT atm. But, cant get volume from that one no matter what I tried.
  6. That was a great reply 😂. not what I expected, but very good lol.
  7. Slightly off topic, but, funny. I think I've time stamped it. If not, start at 19:30
  8. Drop-Bear

    How much would you pay for a 2020 kx125?

    Same as comparing an 02/03 RM engine with the 06. They lost their minds in 04. Who knows what they were thinking then. I was just saying tot he OP earlier, in a PM. Suzuki and Kawasaki tend to go about things in a very similar way. Working on a KX, is a lot like working on an RM.
  9. Drop-Bear

    How much would you pay for a 2020 kx125?

    I'd take the Lectron over FI all day, every day. IMO, they're brilliant.
  10. Nope, I got nothing, not even on YT. Checked the volume on my PC, and YT, It's 100%
  11. Drop-Bear

    painting plastic dirtbike tank

    I saw a post on here not long ago. Where someone put masking tape on the tank, then painted it with truck bed liner. Paint will not work. Might look good for a ride, or 2 if you're lucky.
  12. Rubbish. I don't know about you. But, I ride for the adrenaline rush. There's no adrenaline hit when you're lugging/tractoring. WOT, or nothing!