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  1. Ahh, right. I agree then. I had a 4 speed KX450F, that did present some issues once. I think 4T's are fine for MX, but not off road. I ride 2T MX bikes off road. Hence my comment "All 4T's suck". I don't like the higher COG on 4T's off road. Especially in tight ST (Unless you have a rekluse).
  2. People didn't ask for 4T's. They absolutely were forced upon us. "All 4T's suck" is my opinion. You don't have to like it. I won't hold it against you lol.
  3. I have some video on another lap top of a mate riding ST on a YZF450. I'll upload it to YT tomorrow. He's quick. It just depends what you're used to, and what you like. As someone said on page 2. Not that long ago, most trail riders that took it seriously, we riding MX bikes. Which were mostly all 2T's at that time.
  4. Has nothing to do with knowing everything. Has everything to do with differing opinions is all. "Different strokes for different folks". But. To say MX bikes are no good for trail riding, is simply wrong.
  5. After some of the BS I've read in this thread. I feel the same way. BTW, people didn't change to 4T's because people wanted to. It's more a case of them being forced to. We didn't ask for them. On most rides these days, Out of 10 riders, It's typical for 8 of them to be on 2T's.
  6. I'll take an MX bike over a enduro bike all day, every day. I've tried enduro bikes, and never liked them as much as an MX'er. They're heavier, sprung too soft, not enough hit. And they're covered in crap I don't need, or want to pay for. 5 speed is fine, you don't need a 6 speed for ST and hills. The main reason people prefer the CR125 to the WR125 is because the WR125 has a heavy fly wheel, and is much harder to get on, and keep on the pipe. The CR125 has more of a hit. which is more fun. A heavy fly wheel weight on a 125 2T is ridiculous. As far as beginners go. I think a lighter bike is going to be a huge advantage over a heavier bike. All 4T's suck. MX and enduro. Cutting through the crap. Trail riding and racing is the same thing, MX, enduro, whatever. I want to beat my mates more than anyone else, no matter what I'm doing. On our trail rides, everyone is going as hard as they can. On a more extreme ride, everyone is trying to look like they're doing it the easiest. Even the ones that won't admit it.
  7. I had a tire sponsor when I was racing MX. New tires every race meet, practice with them during the week, new ones for racing. Confidence is a big deal in MX. I was paying a bit under cost price, so not free. Michelin actually sponsored our team, not just me.
  8. Last time I rode with a group, we were in the tight ST in the pines. I had to take them off (too dark). They all know what they're worth, so got a good laugh out of that.
  9. My sunny's cost more . Keep in m ind, aud, not usd. I used to, and still do, use the cheap/common Scott goggles with roll offs. I just thought I'd spoil myself and lash out for the new Oakley's. "You can't take your money with you".
  10. Nope. If the bank take your house, they'll auction it for whatever they can get, and you still pay the difference/balance on the loan. Hence why people are in so much trouble. The banks recently got bail in here as well (Think Greece). Most people are clueless about any of it. The house my mate paid 500K for. IMO, was worth ,maybe 200K in a realistic market. People think It's going to be a correction in the market prices. No. It's going to be the biggest crash the world has yet to see. Per population. Most are still in denial. Others are still paying hugely over Inflated prices for houses. When the banks start flogging off cheap houses, the entire market is going to crumble. You'd think that would be obvious to the biggest moron. But, apparently not. My older kids are getting very Impatient. But, i told them to start saving at least 7 yrs ago. They'll be paying cash for their first homes. The writing has been on the walls for a long time here. People wanted to keep up with the Jones's here. they left themselves no wriggle room at all, and borrowed the max amount they could. A rise in the price of fuel (which is coming) will be enough to topple them.
  11. I received excellent after sales service from ASV.
  12. They're trying to suck in as many debt-ers as possible before it all crashes here. Very soon, you'll be able to buy a house with a 5% deposit. IMO, a house is a liability, not an asset. Asset's bring money in. A liability is when money is going out. I have a mate that already paid 500K for a house. Decided it was too big, so rented it out and bought another one. I was pleading with him not to do it. He said "You can not lose on real estate". He paid 330K for a house, 6 months later, got 190K for it. I was surprised he got that much. What is coming here will make the great depression look like a Sunday picnic. Anyone that bought a house in the last 10 to 15 yrs, is in deep financial shit. The lads i ride with are all in the 30's, most are in debt over a million dollars. They work full time hours, more now. But, they're not employed as full time. I couldn't sleep at night. Madness.
  13. I'm betting opening times are subject to change a lot. In Aus, if you have business hours displayed, and aren't open on those hours, you can be sued. Always call, or check their social media page before leaving.
  14. I have mates that have just taken the foam out of the goggles (top and bottom of the goggle, not face foam) to use in wet weather.
  15. I don't know about over there. but, over here. The vast majority of people are stupid, or greedy. Very soon, you'll be able to buy a house here for around 30K. That house 5 yrs ago was worth 2 to 300,000 About 10/15 yrs ago, in Tassie, you could buy a house for a pot of beer.
  16. Tell that to the millions who's houses are currently in negative equity here atm . You buy a houses in a buyers market. That time is coming, so start saving.
  17. We have YMF here (Yamaha Motor Finance). If you buy a Yamaha, you pay 1% Interest on the loan, sometimes they have Interest free deals and you pay no Interest. If you buy another make of bike I think It's 7% Interest. Cash is harder to come buy than credit. No way I'd ever spend cash on a dirt bike. Last one I financed was $39.00 a week. Less than the cost to take the Mrs to the flicks. And you get to keep the bike, not just remember it. Finance for toys. Cash for house.
  18. I use Scott roll offs, the ones with the dimples on the lens. A few of my mates cut part of a windscreen wiper and glued it to a finger on their glove, they just use it to wipe their goggles.
  19. We just use those in rain and fog. I have Oakley's, can't remember what they're called (Prizm?), but with the roll offs they were a bit over $300.00. They're also Tomac#3 LE's.
  20. At the end of the day. It comes down to how competitive you want to be, or how much fun you want to have in the Vet class MX. IMO. You'll have more fun on a 250 sized bike, but you'll be more competitive on a 450 sized bike. The thing is. You might get into it with fun being your main focus. right up until you get a really good result. Then it will be all about being competitive lol. As I said earlier. I'd go a KTM150 myself. But, that isn't a bike you listed.
  21. Yeah, that's what Jeffro rides. His is Identical, right down to no tank graphics. He's a member on here.
  22. I'll tell ya how I see it lol. You're going to be mainly riding MX. So, get an MX bike. You're coming off a YZ250. The harder hit of the SXF will be a positive for you.
  23. So. Basically the 350XC is the same as a YZ250X . Your KTM model's/bikes are different to ours. The XC is different to an EXC, as you said, XC is more MX orientated.
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