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  1. Loddikken

    Mysterious camshaft part number, EVO 2?

    I did the tps reset procedure. I've tightened everything around the intake. I'll just have to wait for the cable so that I can rule out the mapping at least. If the O2 sensor is active, it could do some strange things to the fueling right?
  2. Loddikken

    Mysterious camshaft part number, EVO 2?

    Thanks for the reply. Ordered a cable to read out the current map. Hopefully it's on stock mapping and the Evo 2 map sorts it out! At the moment I need to use the clutch to even out the power to the back wheel going around tight corners. ­čśĹ
  3. Hello all! M My first post in the forum's. Just purchased an 08 690E. I'm in the process of going through the bike, it desperately needs some TLC! I'm almost certain it got an EVO 2 kit installed, and when checking valve clearances I took note of the camshaft parts number. 762.36.010.000. I can't find the part in KTM parts catalogue. Could this be an old part number for the rally cam? The bike pulls really strong from 5k and upwards, but has some issues at 3-4000 rpm. When going off throttle or pulling the clutch the rpm sticks at 3-4k rpm before settling at a relatively high idle, 2500rpm. Makes slow technical driving very difficult! Also happens when bike idles, suddenly "surges" and goes up and sticks to 3300rpm. A short blip on the throttle and it settles back down again, but still at a relatively high idle. Any ideas?