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  1. Maybe a stupid question but aren’t some pistons directional? I thought I read that somewhere. It said something about the piston having a front and rear and to make sure you put it back in properly.
  2. A little over a month later and my wife saw that I hadn’t killed myself on the dirt bike so she went and let me get this today!! Either she really loves me or upped my life insurance!!
  3. I got it working properly. I made a rookie mistake which I think is what caused my issue. When I took out the old clutch and installed the Rekluse clutch I forgot to take the tension out of the clutch cable and adjust from there. First time doing a motorcycle clutch. I took it apart and started over at the turning the ring counterclockwise until it stops on the pressure plate. Set the ring, put it all back together, set the free play at the clutch lever, started the bike, got it warmed up and free play gain was right where it needed to be. Went through the break in procedures again and it seems to be working perfectly. Will know for sure tomorrow when I take it over to a friends house and run his 185 acres. He has a modified Raptor 700R and I actually pull away until we get around 70mph, then he starts coming around!
  4. Guess I will be calling Rekluse today. I have played with the adjustment for two days and if I have any noticeable free play gain, the clutch will grab at idle and bike will cut off. I tried the internal adjustment way first and yesterday took it apart and readjusted everything to go with the external adjustment method. Both ways resulted in the same thing. Any noticeable free play gain equals the clutch not working as advertised. Adjust the clutch until it lets go at idle then grabs when giving it gas and I have no free play gain!
  5. A couple shots, meant to take pictures during the process but got focused on the install instead. Haven’t went through the break in procedures yet but drove it around the yard and it worked as advertised. Felt sort of weird at first not needing to use the clutch!
  6. This arrived yesterday now just need to find the time to install it. Then I will let you know what I think about it.
  7. 31!! If you aren’t too beat up, you are entering your strength years! Between 31 and 35 I became my strongest. It might have gone on a few more years but 5 months after turning 35, I was out riding the dirt jumps on my bmx bike. I had been out there about an hour and was feeling good then I just hit a take off funny and landed even worse. Tore the patella tendon in my left knee and labrum in my right shoulder! Sounded like a gun going off when I hit the ground and everything popped! I had the surgeries and haven’t been the same since, and of course I am a bit older which doesn’t help! I haven’t been able to get over a 405 squat, 315 bench, or a 455 deadlift since then, all of those are 100 pounds under what I had been doing before the surgeries. I was also only 185 back then! I keep plugging along though, do what I can when I can. Also now have a stent in my heart and degenerative disk in my neck and back! Getting old is so much fun!
  8. I will be following this thread. I too am 5’6” 195lbs! Just bought a 2012 RMZ 450 4 weeks ago! I have not been on a dirt bike since the summer of 1994, that was the 1991 RM 125 I had. I traded it for a 1994 GSXR 750. I also have not been on a street bike since the end of June 2011! That’s when I sold my 2007 GSXR 750. I was between jobs and didn’t know it would be this long before I was back on a bike! I have only been on the bike about 5 times so far but it has come back fairly quickly, especially getting used to the size of the bike. I do wish I had gone with something electric start though!! I ordered a Rekluse auto clutch last week too! The tight trails on my friends property are making my 50 year old hands cramp and wrist hurt all the time now, from 30 years of bench press!
  9. Lucky! If my wife didn’t treat me so well I would feel the same way. She treats me like a god and about the only strong stance she has is me not having a street bike again! I can live with that, especially since she let me quit working a little over 3 years ago, a couple months before I turned 46!
  10. We are sort of in the same boat. I hadn’t been on a dirt bike since I traded my 1991 RM 125 for a 1994 GSX-R 750, in August 1994! I had street bikes only until I sold my 2007 GSX-R 750 in June 2011. I thought I would have a new street bike within a year but life changed and here I am just now back on a bike! Probably won’t have another street bike since my wife of the past 4 years is a doctor and against bikes in general from her time spent working the ER years ago. I am very surprised she got this bike for me!
  11. Either you are who I bought my 2012 from or there are quite a few leftover 2018’s going for $5k! He found the same deal, which is why I have his 2012 now.
  12. My 2012 I picked up two weeks ago. Exhaust I started to install last night.
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