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  1. Finally got a chance to get off road this weekend. Lots of sugar sand here in south FL. Had a blast even with the lack of traction in some spots.
  2. New tires mounted. Went with the stock bridgestones for now. It’s almost 20 miles to the area I plan to ride off-road so I wanted to get something more road oriented.
  3. Installed the Sandman case saver and sprocket cover. The lower mounting lug appears to have broken off of my bike so it has two points of contact instead of three. Regardless, it seems pretty sturdy.
  4. The pump primes and the starter relay gives a strong "click" when the starter button is depressed. Connections appear to be tight. This occurs with both cold and hot starts. Like most of the other parts on this bike, I'm thinking the battery requires replacement.
  5. I'm thinking it could be a weak battery. The click is coming from the starter relay. Maybe there's not enough juice to turn the starter motor?
  6. I have an intermittent starting issue. Occasionally when I hit the starter button I will hear a single “click” but no movement from starter or engine. When I hear this click, the check engine light will illuminate while I have the starter button depressed then turn off when I release the starter button. After hitting the starter a couple times it will eventually work normally and the bike starts. No check engine light except when this click occurs. Any ideas?
  7. I have the Sandman case saver and sprocket guard on order.
  8. New brake pads front and rear. Rear pad had separated from the backing causing an occasional catch and grinding noise. Fairings back on. Ready to ride.
  9. Michelin T63s currently. I have a set of Bridgestones ready to go on.
  10. A small shot of compressed air in the drain hole solved the coolant problem. No signs of gelled coolant. Must have been a deposit or debris. Used a coolant system cleaner followed by 2 distilled water flushed and filled with engine ice. Oil change with a new magnetic drain plug and reinstalled the skid plate.
  11. Radiator and reservoir are liquid, not gel. I’m speculating the gel theory.... Any other reason why it wouldn’t drain from the drain plug?
  12. Pulled the coolant drain bolt last night and nothing came out. Sucked out as much coolant as I could from the radiator filler neck. I'm guessing the coolant has gelled. The coolant in the radiator was still liquid and a nasty brown/black color. Will running the engine cause the coolant to liquefy and allow me to drain it or do I need to do some kind of pressurized flush?
  13. I have it. Just haven't put it back on the bike yet.
  14. Front and rear Galfer brake lines. LED turn signals. Moved the fronts to the plastic headlight fairing. Didn’t buy the adapter for the fronts to function as running lights. May decide to add it later.
  15. Chain and sprockets went on last night. 14/49 gearing with a gold x-ring chain.
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