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  1. Simon Dalzell

    FMF megabomb.

    Does anyone know if my 2009 husaberg Fe 450 needs remap to run FMF megabomb.or can I fit O2 eliminator and leave bike to idle for 5 mins.?
  2. Simon Dalzell

    Husaberg fmf

    The bike in question is a 2009 Husaberg 450 fe.
  3. Simon Dalzell

    Husaberg fmf

    Please could someone tell me correct procedure for fitting a full FMF exhaust system with megabomb to my fuel injected husaberg .Is an O2 eliminator sufficient and will leaving the bike to idle for 5 minutes upon fitment of said system the correct method for allowing the ECU to adjust itself to the new exhaust or will the ECU require remapping.All advise is most appreciated.
  4. Simon Dalzell

    Anyone have yellow radiator hoses?

    I have yellow hoses on my 2009 Husaberg fe450