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    2002 Kawasaki KDX 220R in very good and original Mint condition. Same owner for over 6 years. Bike is street legal and registered and easily transferred to the new owner. Kept in my garage and some recent upgrades to include rebuilt rear shock and upgraded FRP fork springs. Specific to the KDX. Tires are like new and while everything is stock and original, I did add the decal kit that you see on the bike. Seat is 100% original showing the care this bike has had. It’s not museum perfect but we’ll cared for and starts easy. Lights work as they should and this bike is easy to ride slow or fast with the wide ratio transmission which provides an easy fist gear.


    Tampa, Florida - US

  2. Superhawk69

    Newbie with new to me XC-w 2015

    Well, got it out for a first ride after oil change and tank drain as the bike was not ridden much the past 2 years. Also had to install a battery but everything came out great except the float bowl sticking a bit and dripping gas. Otherwise. Bike runs clean, choke and jetting are good. Going to just ride it and see if it clears up. If not put the Yamaha additive in there that everyone claims is the best. Just can’t remember what it’s called. Any way I am really impressed and happy with this bike and power. 😲
  3. Superhawk69

    Newbie with new to me XC-w 2015

    Thank you on that. I figured as much but it was hard to pass up a Yuasa for $34. I’ve used all kinds of batteries in the past for my road bikes. I agree with your advice for sure.
  4. Superhawk69

    Newbie with new to me XC-w 2015

    Yes, the plastics are Acerbis and the decals from Works Graphics. I think he said he designed them. Not sure.
  5. Superhawk69

    Newbie with new to me XC-w 2015

    Thank you. I did too.
  6. Superhawk69

    Newbie with new to me XC-w 2015

    Sorry. A 300. I’m not used to one brand having so many sizes of just two strokes. 🤘
  7. Superhawk69

    Newbie with new to me XC-w 2015

    Just bought a lightly used 30 hr 2015 xcw with a few mods but wow. What a difference from my old kdx 220. High compression head and one tooth up on the front to get rid of the granny gear. Don’t need it in FL. Need Ed a new battery. Was going to do a gel if that’s not the stock battery. Thoughts?