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  1. Jp-2405

    2013 KTM 85 sx refusing kickstart

    Maybe how’s the compression
  2. Jp-2405

    2013 KTM 85 sx refusing kickstart

    I’m not sure but with my experience(not too much) I think you might be running a rich jet or idle to high or low play around with the screw and see
  3. Jp-2405

    Ktm 85sx clutch adjustment

    Hi I have a 2017 ktm 85sx 17/14. I was wondering is there anyway to adjust my clutch because when I first start to ride it seems to be dragging a little bit like when I’m in first going down a hill it will engine break a little(not enough to hurt it but I still blip the throttle to be safe)Is there any way to adjust it like a cable. I read the factory manual and all it says is to adjust the lever but I don’t know if that would help but I will try. Any suggestions?