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  1. My son has the '17 FE250 I have the '17XCF250 we both had choice of 4 stroke/2 stroke we ride with a large crew and about 50/50 mix of 4 strokes and 2 strokes. I was on a 530 and the 250 xcf is amazing has 2 maps and traction control. The FE 250 is more tame but suspension is super plush my son weighs around 140 and it is perfect for him. Great bikes both of them and VERY glad I stayed with a 4 stroke these bikes given proper maintenance run a long long time without major repair. Fuel injection is awesome the FE can be geared down front/rear for where you ride, the XCF is a hot rod right out of the box.
  2. BPPerformance

    Front brake dead... WTF??

    Sorry i should have said this earlier but glad you got it working. In some cases you have to turn the adjuster knob on the lever all the way back so it gets a full throw of fluid. This is really important on the rear brakes - if the pedal has been adjusted high you will need to un-adjust it to its lowest point to get a full throw from the master. ( just make sure the actuator can go all the way back and all the way in) It makes bleeding them much quicker. Once working put the lever/pedal back where you like it.
  3. BPPerformance

    Coolant leak in case!

    Typically the water pump seal behind the water pump.
  4. BPPerformance

    Front brake dead... WTF??

    Use DOT 4 only pull cap off keep pumping...pump lever, pull in, crack bleeder, pump lever, pull in, crack bleeder, … i'm sure you have done this but some times it takes a lot of pumping. Kind of doubt your plunger seal is bad just have to bleed and bleed...it will come around.
  5. BPPerformance

    Trouble starting when hot

    Most cases your valves are too tight when it heats up it gets worse, I would not re-do any jetting until you adjust the valves.
  6. BPPerformance

    KTM 2011 530 Six Days

    Time Left: 1 month and 11 days

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    2011 Six days 530 electric and kick start, has around 6000 miles, runs great, titled for street use, tubliss in front, good tires, chain, sprockets, needs nothing. I turned 60 and need to downsize, used in Colorado on trails here and very capable to do single track and then zip home at 70. Brian 303-385-7376


    , Colorado