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  1. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Finally got a little time and got a ton of stuff in, so I hot water pressure washed the 20 years of grime and dirt off it (cleaned a lot of crap out of the chain guide lol). Put new sprockets and chain on and sorted the wiring (there was an entire 7 wire harness that was chopped hooked up to nothing but the ground with nothing on the other end, lots of fun stuff) and haven't had much time to play on it but the new chain and sprockets improved things quite a bit. Have quite a bit waiting to go on but I've gotta get some things off my list before winter too... ­čśá so the deck's on the agenda most of the weekend. Have a question on these bikes...is neutral hard to find while at a stop with it running? I know it's normal for several other brands on sport bikes I've had and have found it's not an issue as long as you're rolling so you develop your riding style around it. More curious for the reason if it's worth taking the clutch cover off and taking a peak at things. Shifts through the gears fine otherwise for the most part, have a sneaking suspicion the springs need to be replaced at least after all these years.
  2. I would wait for the voltmeter, you can also grab a test light from a local store for cheap that will let you do some basic troubleshooting before getting a voltmeter. In the mean time, I would search out the correct wiring diagram for your bike and match up some wire colors.
  3. drizzt400e


    By rear brake setup, do you mean it has the tail light, but it just doesn't work with the rear brake? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/k-%26-s-universal-brake-light-switch-p I have used both RAM and Quadlock mounts for my phones and the Quadlock is much easier on these types of bikes. Usually ergonomics (shifter, brake and clutch levers, pegs, etc.) are all personal preference... If you are going to use it off road I'd add radiator guards to the list. I even have them on all my road bikes (the ones that NEVER go off road...) mainly because a thrown rock from the car in front of you (or even from your own front tire...) or whatever off the road can puncture the radiator and it leaves you stranded. The ones on this bike are pretty high up, so that is probably less likely on the road.
  4. drizzt400e

    Trying to buy 05, needing a head, good,or bad move?

    I'd try and source one closer, it is a very common bike so there's plenty for sale if you have time to scan for a few months you'll find a better deal locally I can almost guarantee it. I've shipped an auction bike coast to coast and it's really not worth it unless it's something you can't find locally for a fair price (this usually only applies to rare things...).
  5. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Yeah that thing was hideous. Scored a headlight bracket and headlight bucket off a 2018 SM, ordered the $29 ebay 4x6 LED headlight and I'll fab my own bracket for it.
  6. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Yeah starting from scratch is probably the best when you open things up and find a mess with wiring I've found. Since I grabbed the wiring diagram I might use the main harness and the connectors if they are in good shape, but otherwise I'll make my own as I have a bunch of the connectors for older Hondas from a few past projects. I just ordered some ProTaper SE bars as well...almost went with a fattie and rox risers, but already went way over budget with everything else and figured that could wait for now. Just found the rear brembo MC off my Hypermotard 1100S too, so I'm probably going to swap that out at some point just because I have it sitting around. Might drop the money for an MC off a 690SM if the front doesn't bite like I want it after putting SS lines and some Castrol SRF in it.
  7. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Good to know, didn't even think they would have instructions for what I was unraveling. Found the wiring diagram which helped...did they have you bypass the ignition for power, too?
  8. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Yeah not much of any of it was wired right. No working kill switch, lights and horn didn't work. Found the issues but I probably won't re-use much of any of it. Already have a bunch of goodies on order...more than the bike cost me lol. Been ripping around the 60 acres out back as is while waiting for the upgrades and stuff to plate it to get in.
  9. drizzt400e

    Getting a Used DRZ 400 E 2005

    I had this same issue, thing was on there real good. Tried a few sets of pliers but ended up using a smaller channel lock plier after turning the steering head all the way to the left it was fairly easy to work it off and not ruin the plastic oil dipstick. Must be common. As yours, oil looked brand new and was at the right level, so that was a plus.
  10. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Is that the bulb itself you're talking about or the plastic assembly/mounting hardware? I didn't plan to keep the stock bulb/headlight itself, just wanted to go back to stock plastics and fit a LED bulb (cyclops LED bulb or jns is what I've found for that). What suggestions do you have for other options? The only thing I've seen beyond swapping bulbs was generics and the Acerbis LED Vision HP Headlight/Cyclops thing.
  11. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    I thought the 2002+ E's had hi speed adjustment on the shock that the 00-01E's did not [this being the only difference I think beyond cosmetic]? Read it somewhere on this forum I thought when I was doing research.
  12. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Thanks for the suggestion -- I'll take a look at it, but most likely going to roll my own as I already have the wire and connectors from several previous bikes which I've done myself so no real cost other than my time for me.
  13. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    Yeah that was the plan, I am going to do the wiring myself to get anything excess out of there and cleaned up. Is it possible to fit a S/SM headlight to the 00-01E? That is what I meant by go back to stock really as I haven't found the E headlight assembly to be widely available used where I do see quite a bit of S/SM.
  14. drizzt400e

    Just picked up a DRZ400E

    It runs pretty well but the electrical situation is a bit of a rat's nest, probably because someone previously tried wiring in a vapor and what looks like a combination of the two street legal kits I've seen for the bike (all of which half works). Wasn't put off at all by that, as I had a good idea of what I wanted to do with the bike once I got it and I just needed a mechanically sound starting point (minus consumables/maintenance items). It is a 2000 so I did know I was missing out on the extra adjustability on the shock of the later models but did not see this as an issue for my skill level off road. Just signed up as I'll be purchasing some of the accessories for it off this site from the store and probably from the classifieds as well. I want to put the headlight back to a stock (maybe with the jns light) as the one on there is horrendous.