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  1. p_kerttu

    2017 ktm 300 fixes

    I also replaced the ECU with a 250 SX 2018, pulls longer and better. One of the better mods.
  2. p_kerttu

    2017 ktm 300 fixes

    Tore down down the original head and cylinder: 170 psi = 11,7 bar compression, 25cc head volume, 2,5mm squish, 187 degrees exhaust port duration, 120 degrees transfer port duration. The reeds showed huge gap, could even breathe through them. In order to get some more top end I started by raising cylinder 0.75mm, simple porting, new VForce reeds and b piston in. Comp lowered to 140 psi = 10 bar with 3mm squish. Felt like a 250 with a longer register. In order to get some bottom end back and more pull I milled the head down 1,25mm (to be on the safe side). The squish approx 1,5 measured with my kids playdoh and pressure increased to nearly 200 psi, 13,5 bar. Perfect for faster tracks but I am for winter tracks considering raising head 0,5mm in order to get less roughness from bottom.
  3. p_kerttu

    KTM 300 EXC 2017

    I have had this bike for three years now, the chassie is stable and a big upgrade from previous years. The engine is also better with less vibrations but coming from earlier models this is not a dealbreaker. I bought this one because of its chassie and it is the last KTM enduro 2 stroke with carb and it has plenty of engine mod options. I did not want to do engine mods with the risk of TPI being a hassle. It has one downfall, and it is the suspension. The xplor forks are plush and nice for trail enduro, but if you want to run anything faster with some jumps it blows right through. The xplor shock squats on the face of jumps, jumps out of corners and has no bottoming resistance. I am seriously thinking of abandoning KTM solely due to the cost cutting done in the suspension department. This being said after getting the suspension working after 1000 USD spent on suspension mods and revalving.
  4. p_kerttu

    TM EN300 2019

    Tested the 2019 EN 300 model on a track with everything from roots, stone and fast open fields, and it is a great package. I normally ride a KTM 300 EXC 2017 with modified suspension and engine (the XPLOR is way too soft for our terrain and 90% are rebuilding them). I have also ridden several TPI models. What differs the most is actually the engine, this carb model pulls like a KTM TPI from the bottom and has the carb pull all the way to the top. Not the raw feeling I have on my 2017 model. So I see no reason to go for TPI if can be running like this. The chassi is balanced and coming from the 2017-2020 KTM it feels very much the same, however the Kayaba fork is reason alone to go for the TM, much better than XPLOR and would cope motocross tracks at descent speeds as well. The in house shock with linkage is way better than the PDS on the KTM where the grip out of corners are much better, it doesnt squat and bounce like every PDS version I have tried. In sweden this model retails for approx 9000 USD and it is 1000 USD less than equivalent KTM och Husqvarna. In the US TM is expensive whereas in Europe it is actually cheaper than most. And this is considering all the handmade and exclusive parts. I like my KTM very much, but this TM outperformed in basically every area, so there might be a swap in the future
  5. p_kerttu

    TM EN300 2019

    1 review

    Updated engine with 5 speed transmission, 38 mm Keihin 38 mm PWK carburetor, V force reeds, selectable maps, hydraulic clutch, Kayaba front suspension, TM rear shock, 9,5 L tank etc https://www.tmracing.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/SC2T_EN_300_MY19.pdf