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  1. Would the 2014 rad panels fit on a 2012-13 they look similar are the hole positions different?
  2. Thanks a lot guys very helpful. I’m gonna get black I know will get scratched but still think looks cool.
  3. Hi has anybody used UFO plastics or Polisport because I can get them cheap, or are Acerbis worth paying the extra for. I remember on my old 2010 it came with an after market front fender and I’m sure was mega floppy or am I talking rubbish. Thanks
  4. Yep fired up first time and runs like a little rocket.
  5. Cornering is my week point I do over shoot now and then. I’m good at body position and clutch control. Looking g forward to engine braking for a change too.
  6. Yep that’s true I’ll keep the revs up to avoid stalling easily. One thing I’m good at is clutch, so that’s a plus.
  7. Good tip the idle I’d forgotten about that. Last bike was a 2019 250 tpi but needed cash so unfortunately had to sell it. Now getting cheap this 2013 350 excf off my mate but looking forward to it. Yep I’ll watch the difference in inertia
  8. After 4 years on 250 and 3002t I’m going back to 4t. Is there any big difference in riding techniques just to give me a heads up.
  9. Yes I needed a new battery you need some charge battery in the battery even to kick those models.
  10. I’ll clean that too, with a 9 volt battery?
  11. Battery is dead dead I’ll get a new one, should I change the spark plug too?Exactly what you said sputter every few kicks and the orange light flickering.
  12. I’ve picked up a 2013 350 excf. I know the old owner and he had sat for 1 year hence I took it of his hands knowing he’s hardly ridden it. The battery is dead I know that but it won’t even kick over, it’s trying too it’s so close, could it be the old fuel. I was thinking it should kickstart even if I removed the battery. An orange light flashes when I’m kicking it just won’t fire right up. I’m thinking change the spark plug put new fuel, I’m just surprised it won’t fire up. I’ll get a new battery but it should kickstart without the battery I think.
  13. Good information for thank you
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