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    Spending time with my family. I just got into riding over the summer and I am enjoying the hell out of it! Thanks to my wife for purchasing me a used 2006 DRZ400SM!
  1. Will check and 🙏 thanks a ton. I plan on taking a look tomorrow to find out. I’ll keep ya posted. I’m not sure about the dual brake line ... It does have an extra brake under the clutch. I don’t use the rear handle bar brake because I’m new and trying to learn the basics. It had some 50 stunt stickers on it and the guy I bought it from said the previous owner did some stunting ( not sure how true that was )
  2. Drain the battery trying to start it so much. Got a new one and same thing happening. I’ll change out the spark plug tomorrow morning. It sounds like it wants to turn over but never gets there. Low spark?
  3. Thanks Ohiodrz400sm for the quick reply and the knowledge. What’s your thoughts on the failure to start issue? 
  4. Hey everyone! I'm new to Thumpertalk and found out about you through research on my first bike purchase ( 2006 Suzuki DRZ400SM ). My wife new I had been checking this one out for some time and got it for me. I am new to riding and a friend recommended I check out a supermoto as well. this was on my bucket list for a while ( learn to ride a motorcycle ). Anyways, she paid 2,500 for it. Tires are Battleax S20 hypersports, got them for a deal from a local shop in Orangeburg, SC. The reason I'm posting is when I was riding out to a friends house the other day I hopped on the freeway and went to the next exit about a mile away, the bike died on me and I could not restart it. I was in 4th and didn't notice I should've shifted 1 up, by that time I was getting off the exit. I wasn't in 4th for that long and not sure what I did. I know im a big newb but was wondering what are your recommendations? When I was pulled over the battery started dying once I tried to start it multiple times. Had fuel in it, drove it the day before no issues, and have been driving all summer with no hiccups ( starts up on first try as well, well did haha ). I had my wife grab me a new battery at the store and started draining that one as well while attempting to start. I never leave the lights on or kill switch engaged. The bike would began to start with battery and never turn over. I can here the exhaust ever so lightly but will not hold if that makes sense. All help would be gratefully appreciated! And how do you like the setup? I plan on changing the headlight and refurbishing the exhaust ( the guy we bought it from-friend was awful at loading and unloading the bike when he borrowed it ), the owner before the guy we bought it from made all the modifications ( guy we got it from did not obviously ). The Yoshi plates were damaged during loading and unloading the bike as they don't have much respect for things. I spoke to a rep from Yoshi and said they were not difficult or costly to replace badging. The bike has approx. 10,000 miles on it and is a joy to ride. I didn't want to buynew because I'm new. What I do know about bike : Protaper grips, Protaper Henry Reed Countour bars, Brembro Clutch, Rear handle bar brake, Hel brake lines?, Excel rims, cracked reservoir tank, 50 stunt bike savers ( that will not protect exhaust lol ), Acerbis hand guards, Acerbis front fender, Trailtech headlight ( not bright at all ), Yoshimura RS4 twin carbon exhaust, Rear delete of some sort, and think its a trail tech screen, a quick battery connection near battery box, Moty 4 cell battery, and aftermarket seat cover with a hole cut out in the middle under cover ( maybe use to hide battery there or tried and didn't work ), Thumper talk case savers, New Bridgestone Battleax S20 Hypersports 140 rear I don't plan on riding much offroad with this bike because of my area Charleston SC and because of the exhaust. I do not see that the airbox mod was done and looks to be a uni air filter as well. I plan on modifying the bike and know the airbox, jetting, and exhaust are recommended first upgrades. Should I just upgrade the carb to a 39 and go that route and will I still need to modify the airbox if I do so? I want to bring this bike back and to upgrade it the right way. Sorry for being long winded but I'm new and thought to give you as much info as I could would help The only thing I've done to this thing is add fuel and remove a bunch of randomly placed manufacturer stickers I did notice what looked to be fuel from the hose hanging above the left foot shift lever from time to time as well