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    Any 701 clutch slave failures?

    Thank you for your insight, I really appreciate it. I was thinking much the same as you, the solution to pollution is dilution. Since so little is in there it should be ok. But dot 4 or 5.1 is terrible on any rubber that is not of the right compound. Eats it up like crazy. But hopefully in its diluted state it did no harm to any seals on the oil only side. the bike is in the shop to replace under warranty and I made sure they also provided and oil change with that. All that being said, I still plan on dumping that oil a few times over the next 100 or so miles to make sure the system is flushed completely.
  2. Clayton Bigsby

    Any 701 clutch slave failures?

    Sorry maybe I was not very clear. At the end of my hour or so long freeway run I stopped by the gas station and the clutch would not work at all. Popped the reservoir cover and all my fluid was gone. Had to have my buddy go get the rig so we could load it up and get it home. What worries me is the long freeway run with that fluid going in there. since I am still under warranty I have not tore it apart, worried that they may use that against me since I am not an “authorized dealer” lol. Since you have done yours, is there another seal, besides the one that fails, between the oil and the clutch fluid? Like maybe one around the push rod? Lastly would you be worried if yours had failed in the middle of a couple hour freeway run? Or since you have replaced yours, and seen all the insides, do you believe that not alot can get by the pushrod anyway and therefore the freeway run probably wasnt that bad? thank you for your insight. Oh and I have an oberon on the way as we speak, thanks again!
  3. Clayton Bigsby

    Any 701 clutch slave failures?

    My 2018 701 slave went out this weekend I think. Anyone know if there is a seal between the slave cylinder and the crankcase? If there is only the one on the slave then the clutch fluid went into the crankcase, which is bad news I assume. I rode a good amount of slab before the clutch lever showed problems. Gonna go talk with a local dealer tomorrow. all of you that had a slave failure did you inquire about brake fluid getting into your crankcase?
  4. Hi all, new to TT and Husqvarna 701. Last weekend my clutch slave cylinder went bad (less than 1k miles total) and I did not know until after a hour or so long ride down the slab on my way home. (Great dirt ride over the sierra nevadas on old gold trails before this, which was superb!) My question is, did the brake fluid that was in my clutch reservoir end up in my crankcase? If so, how bad is it on the engine? I am sure it is not good if it got in there. I am still under warranty, but if I could confirm that clutch fluid did NOT enter my engine, then I will just swap the crappy stock magura slave with a good aftermarket one myself. Anyone know whether there is another seal between motor and slave besides the one in the slave that gave up the ghost? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, and I did tons of searching but cannot seem to find the answer I am looking for.