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  1. Blake the Engineer

    Hitch Rack?

    I got the the harbor freight one for my xr600r and love it. There’s a coupon for 20% off through 8/31/19. I think it’s a great deal. https://www.harborfreight.com/400-Lbs-Receiver-Mount-Motorcycle-Carrier-62837.html
  2. Blake the Engineer

    Cyclops LED bulb conversion XR 600R

    Hello All, Thought I'd share some info regarding the Cyclops bulb in the xr600r. First, there are two bulb types/housings used on the stock xr600r (image 1 below). Also, there is a glass version of both housing types. (style 5 P/N: 33123-MK2-671 , style 6 P/N: 33120-MN1-671) If you want the Cyclops bulb to be truly plug and play in the housing you need TWO things. First, the housing type labeled 6 (image 1 below) AND you need to call Cyclops and tell them you have an xr600r so that they send you the correct bulb adapter that fits the housing, I was told this adapter is called an H6 Mini but I couldn't find that adapter anywhere online. If you just order the bulb online there is no option to specify the correct adapter and you will be sent the H4 base (image 2 below) so the Cyclops bulb will not fit the housing. I learned this the hard way by buying the bulb online. It didn't fit so I ordered the housing labeled 5 thinking that was the problem and it still didn't fit 😅. Then, I called Cyclops and got it all figured out. Hopping this helps future thumpers with there xr600r's! Image 1 Image 2 Cheers, Blake
  3. Blake the Engineer

    OEM Headlight Modification

    Hey Brad, Thanks for the info. I also found out some interesting stuff by calling Cyclops. It turns out, in order for the cyclops bulb to be plug and play you need to call them and tell them you have an xr600r so that they send you the correct adapter to fit the stock housing. That adapter will match the bulb housing type in your second image. Also, you can order a glass housing for that same bulb type. Part number is: 33120-MN1-671 Cheers, Blake
  4. Blake the Engineer

    OEM Headlight Modification

    griffbl, What did you end up going with? I'm in the same situation. I ended up ordering a cyclops bulb because I've seen multiple people say its plug and play but it was WAY to big for the stock housing. Then I ordered the new glass lens, P/N 33123-MK2-671, thinking that was the issue, still too big and a completely differnent bulb holder than the one that was on my bike. Now I'm here with a LED bulb zip-tied in my original housing and a pretty glass lens that wont fit the LED bulb... lol. Any info you can share would be much appreciated! I'm still confused on how people are fitting an H4 bulb into their stock units... Cheers, Blake
  5. Blake the Engineer

    XR600R Xr600r headlight trouble

    Hey guys, First post on TT. just picked up a great 1998 xr600r. The original headlight was blown so I read a couple forums and people said you could get a cyclops bulb that was plug and play. I got one and it was way bigger than the original bulb I had, did some more research and thought that I had the wrong headlight assembly. So, I ordered a new assembly hoping that would work. It just arrived and it’s also too small and does not fit the h4 base, and doesn’t even match the original one I have. Does anyone know if the OEM headlight assembly for the xr600r fits an H4 bulb? Any info on the subject would be great. Cheers, Blake
  6. Blake the Engineer

    Honda XR600R (1998)