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    Kawasaki Klx140G (2019)


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    Honda CRF250F (2019)


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    Lithium battery for CRF250F

    At least in my brain, I think the bike losing ten (10) pounds is probably doable, even adding protection mods (skid plate, bark busters, etc,), by smart choices. It will never be a lightweight, but if the bike can lose 10 lbs while making it perform better and fit you...that is a excellent result to me. My first mods (other than protection items) is definitely suspension. It's a safety issue to me. Several years ago I learned an expensive physical well-being lesson with a CRF-F shock.
  4. OldMac

    Lithium battery for CRF250F

    I'll probably put the lithium on the "to do" list which seems to always get longer. In my mind it is just about the options available to make it each person's unique package, Clearly Mr. Ramsey has his specific "package". Think most all of us do it. The price tag doesn't make me feel good (about any of the mods), but offsets the additions of the skid plate, bark busters, etc, that is smart to protect yourself and the investment. Some of the mods are just for comfort, like aluminum bars (however you get bonus weight savings). That's why I love following Mr. Ramsey because you can see not only the value of the personal modifications but if you're going to spend the money for comfort, spending it knowing you are also saving weight at the same time is nice. Now if the aftermarket will start to catch up we can have some more options. An example is if you're going to an aftermarket shock (performance gain and weight savings) it would be nice to also go to a billet aluminum shock link (and save another half a pound) and get a grease zerk! at the same time because you have to take the thing apart so you might as well get all the benefit for the effort. Maybe the weight loss coupled with performance gain makes me feel better about spending stupid money...
  5. OldMac

    Lithium battery for CRF250F

    The Yuasa YTZ7S is listed at 4.6 lbs. The Anti-Gravity battery is listed at 1.3 lbs. If both weights are relatively accurate then replacement will net a 3.3 pound savings.
  6. OldMac

    Lithium battery for CRF250F

    I'm wondering what we're missing. On Yuasa's applications PDF it shows the YTZ7S for the 230's high performance battery choice. The same battery is listed on Rocky Mountain for the 250 battery replacement.