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  1. U Da Man! That was it. The bolt that grounds it was loose. I tightened it, and rode it for about an hour. No issue at all. Thanks to all that responded. Now I can go ride in the morning
  2. With nothing on the dash, and no fuel pump coming on, then it does it makes me think a short. The battery strap may just be it...fingers crossed
  3. Hmmm I will check that out tonight. Thanks!
  4. I searched for answer's, but don't see anything specific to this. To start, my bike is a 2018 KTM 350 exc-f with about 7 hours on it. I took it on a trip to Colorado, and it was running great right before I went. So, I get there and it is running odd slightly surging up and down at idle. I am at about 10,000 ft elevation, so I figured this is why it was doing that. I ride for about an hour, and then it starts cutting out and dies like it was out of gas. Lots of gas left, but I turned around since I didn't want to take a chance being stuck in the middle of nowhere. On the way down about 15 to 20 minutes later it starts cutting out again. Then runs ok again, then cuts out again. It finally dies, and nothing when I turn the key. No fuel pump, no light on dash nothing. I thought it was an electrical issue like a short or something. I also thought it could be bad gas. I got back to TX and drained the gas, and put in new gas. It started right up, and ran great, no idle surge or anything. I ride around for about 30 - 45 minutes, and it starts cutting out again. I gas it and it cuts out some, and then runs strong. It did it again a little bit later, but luckily I was by my house. Any ideas on what to check? Fuel filter? I didnt think so since I only have about 7 hrs on it. Any help is appreciated