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  1. Relax bud. I said I don’t feel comfortable riding up them, but I can. Just not fond of the idea. Its an older truck, it has rust. I can’t tow with it, so a hitch carrier probably isn’t a good idea either. My dad owns a shop, my boyfriends a mechanic, and they both see no issue with it otherwise. So I’ll trust their word over yours. Obviously a newer truck is on my list, but my yota does just fine hauling my bike to local tracks on the weekends.
  2. I used to have a single, homemade wooden ramp that I’d ride my 85 right up. But I don’t feel as nibble now on the big bikes haha
  3. Would love one but my the hitch on my truck is pretty rotted. No towing or bearing any weight on it.
  4. I don’t find the bike too tall, but I had the forks and rear suspension linkage adjusted a little to accommodate my height. But nothing really drastic. I’ve just learned to adapt to it, it’s very doable.
  5. The bike came with the pipes, but after buying it I’m not looking to spend much more on bike stuff lol the ramps I own do just fine
  6. So I bought a new bike (my first 4t), and it is pretty heavy compared to my KTM. I’m also short and don’t weigh much, so there’s another disadvantage. I just can not for the life of me load it up my two ramps 😅 my truck is pretty tall and makes the ramps extremely steep as well. When I do load it by myself, I usually have a hill I can pick up enough speed down to load it. But a lot of local tracks don’t have any hills, the pits are all level. And I hate asking people for help to load my bike. The ramps I have are pretty skinny, so I’m not fond of the idea of riding it into the back of the bed. It would be different if the ramps were trifolds. But that seems to be my only option. Is there any safer, more effective alternatives? Has anyone walked beside the bike up the ramp while running the bike to give it enough throttle up the ramp? Fortunately being a former woods enthusiast my clutch control is pretty good. But curious to hear if there is any other ways of loading? Thanks in advance!
  7. Looking for some advice on my next bike. I weigh about 135 and I’m 5’7. Just came off of a 2008 KTM 200 XC-W (absolutely the best bike), used for technical woods riding. Recently sat on a 12 CRF250R and really made me miss riding tracks. So now I want an mx bike, but can’t decide what would be best for me. I liked the CRF250R, I was comfortable on it. But the maintenance and risk factor of buying a used 4 stroke worries me. I’ve been looking at some left over 2018s, but I’m not sure if that’s what I want or not. My other option was a YZ125, as I’ve heard the old saying that if you can learn to ride a 125 fast you can ride any bike fast. And I have a cr85 that’s a blast, so the 125 would just be a bigger bike. But I do like equal torque. I’ve looked at the 150sx but I’ve heard they have a lot of problems. Honda’s and Yamaha’s seem to be more reliable, especially used. The YZ250 looks like an awesome bike, and I like that it’s an all-purpose, can do it all kind of bike. But I’m intimidated by it, even though I’ve never tried it. I feel like it might be too much bike? I don’t know anyone that I could try one out. I just want a good, fun bike that I can learn the basics like cornering and jumping, etc. that’s safer. I can handle power pretty well, I have an old big bore TRX250R with raw powerband. Pulls your arms right off but I love it. But bikes are a lot different. So I’m curious to hear what you guys and gals think?
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