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  1. You guys are selling me on that seat!
  2. I actually took my cover off and used a palm sander to round out the ridges and make it flater. That in itself made a huge difference.
  3. Thanks for your input [emoji106]
  4. I love both bikes! Get both! If you ride 25% trail and 75% or even 50/50 get the 650. If you want to ride more trails etc get the 450. Both are awesome bikes. As a matter of fact I am looking for a used 650. It's just a matter of what you want. I like the fuel injection for going to Colorado and such and not having to rejet a carb. But my nephew ride his 650 up to 11000 feet. But it would hardly start. He didn't do any jet changes. I live at around 1400 ft. In Iowa. I am happy with my 450. I think that there are musts to get for it. Exhaust system, tuner, maybe a bigger tank. Delete the emissions stuff. That stuff really brings out the bike of what it should be. I know how torn you are. I was back and forth but ended up with the 450. I am happy I did so.
  5. Hey xpantz, do you like that seat? I've been on the fence on it.
  6. Rides great at hiway speeds. I run between 55 and 65 on two lane roads. I even go about 75 on the interstate. Smooth as hell and stable. The stock tires work well for hiway. It cruises between 1/4 and half throttle.
  7. I ride mine 85 miles round-trip. Might get a seat concepts xl seat tho. Love the bike all around
  8. Tltaylor1

    Hi-Vis wear

    Yes people get off your cell phones!!!!!!
  9. Tltaylor1

    Hi-Vis wear

    After almost getting rear ended and pulled out in front of, this weekend alone, I've had it. Got a hi vis vest that road construction workers use and a hi vis jacket when it gets a little chilly. I don't care if I look like a dork, I want to live. Thoughts on hi vis wear? Daytime running lights and a bright red bike with bright red helmet must not be enough. Thanks
  10. This happened to me today, actually. I unhooked the battery for about a half an hour and hooked back up. Check engine light went off. Went and rode stayed off.
  11. Honda won't warranty my battery at all ­čśá
  12. Tltaylor1

    Crf450l piston

    I talked to a motor shop and they suggest a regrind on the cam is all for the l. 265.00 you get small gains from bottom to middle and 1.5 HP on the top end.
  13. Hey all. I have a 2019 crf450l. I have done a small airbox mod, and installed an fmf slipon muffler, took off all smog stuff. I stalled the jdjetting 6x tuner. I tune the tuner with my bike running to my settings. I wait 10 seconds before I set next tune. I check and make sure all settings are what I want them to be. Then I ride. Works great. When I shut off my bike and restart later, I check my timing settings and they aren't where I left them. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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