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  1. sctilt

    Honda QA50 Vin

    Acquired a QA50 and looking to find exact year. There is no vin badge on frame neck..just engine s/n. I do know its the early version 70-72. Can the engine number be used to identify and if so where can I look it up? Thx
  2. sctilt

    2015 YZ250?

    Rock on Mike! Thinking the same thing..probably the two five oh. Most fun bike ever in the sands of 338! See you at the track next year!
  3. sctilt

    69' Honda K1 Mini Trail

    Found the problem which was that the key switch itself grounds to the frame and having the frame repainted prevented correct grounding. One of the easier fixes!
  4. Restored this barn find but have an unsual problem..unsual in being the opposite of the usual "no spark". This bike has a constant spark when key is in off position. Switch is new but it had this issue before it was replaced and I have replaced points/condensor. Also I purchased a new "replica" 6 volt battery but want to know the best way to charge it after adding acid to the dry cells. There are no conventional posts on it just a red positive and blue neg wire that share the same plug. Appreciate asistance..
  5. sctilt

    Firing Bike After Rebuild

    Bike fired up fine after going back in to the powervalve and making adjustments.
  6. sctilt

    Firing Bike After Rebuild

    No to all of the above...
  7. sctilt

    Firing Bike After Rebuild

    Actually, regarding the powervalve the manual was pretty vague as far as orientation of the powervalve. If it was not could this be a possible issue? If so I thought it would be more of a performance issue?
  8. 1998 YZ250: Complete rebuild, crank, TE, etc. After reassembly we reach that magical moment...First fire. Or so that's the way it should work but having a problem. I can't seem to get it to fire. Have spark and looks to be getting fuel but won't get it to pop. It did start to fire a couple times but that's it. Pulled reeds and carb again to double check and looks good. I timed the bike correctly during reassembly but I'm questionning the heath of spark or even if that may be the issue. What should the ohm reading be at secondary? Going to go more in depth tomorrow but thought I'd bounce the issue off of you guys first. Thanks, comments....?
  9. sctilt

    Crankshaft Installation

    Yes, 2008..as stated just want to make sure seal orientation is correct as I am having difficulty getting the drive gear to push through it. Symetrical type seal. I have the "wire" side facing out. Thanks
  10. sctilt

    Crankshaft Installation

    Thanks for the reply..what do think about my seal issue?
  11. sctilt

    Crankshaft Installation

    Assembled crank case halves back together and wondering about excessive lateral movement. Seems to be about 3/16 between flywheels and cases when centered. Is this normal and does this change when drive gears are connected. Also I installed the newer crankseals (2008) which specifically on the right side looks symetrical but when I try to install the drive gear it will not fit into the seal which has the wire area facing out. All is OEM. This is how it looks in the service manual. Advise appreciated...
  12. sctilt

    Piston Difference

    Anyone know if putting an 07' head on a 08' will require using the 07 piston as well? The part numbers are different so unsure if valve reliefs had changed.
  13. sctilt

    Complete Cylinder Head

    What about this setup....http://www.bigborethumpers.com/newheads.html
  14. sctilt

    Complete Cylinder Head

    Looking for complete oem head with valvetrain for a 2008. NESC I think the Ebay link is for a stand alone head. To see what happened to the one I'm working on go here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1108688-blown-motor-2008/
  15. sctilt

    Complete Cylinder Head

    Where/who should I be looking to purchase a complete oem cylinder head assembly(valves/springs, etc.) from for best bang for buck? Thanks!