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  1. Now rider planet seems very useful, thank you! And I'm sure after my account gets activated I can use that other site as well.
  2. I found what you're talking about but now I have to wait for someone to activate my account for me. Also the webpage there says 2016 so.
  3. That looks like a hare scramble and track racing only thing. The main site doesn't list any threads or forums to go to.
  4. Plates as in road legal in guessing? Thank you very much for the info. Maybe I'll make a trip to my dad's instead? Or hopefully I can get my dr650 before then and I can convince him to get a wr250r or more likely a crf450l.
  5. No just off road bikes. We'd trailer them to the place to ride.
  6. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. My dad is coming to visit in a few months and is bringing a couple dirt bikes. Is there anywhere we can go to ride for a few days? Preferably for free and preferably trails and not tracks. I live in Powhatan, VA and while it'd be okay traveling we'd like as short a drive as possible.
  7. Yeah pretty much. I'm gonna let this thread die now.
  8. I'd rather have a new one, just because I'm vain :v
  9. More research into them set my mind more at ease with working with them. Plus there isn't another 650 in my price range that has efi. I change my mind a lot. I had originally thought carbs were much harder to work on.
  10. If it ain't broke don't fix it. And I had planned on modding whatever bike I get anyway with a better seat and bigger fuel tank. If I can get a bike that starts out with almost twice the power of a stock Wr-R then that's what I'm gonna get. The drz400 is a great bike, but the dr650 has more low end grunt and wider gearing which I like. I changed my mind about a lot of things in this thread, and my ultimate choice is the dr650. A lot of people will agree with me and a lot won't, I'm still gonna be getting it. And you know what, I'm gonna get the 2020 model just because you mentioned it. :3
  11. I did say brand new. They're about the same price for the 2019 models. The DR is easier to work on and mod, and it has more power to start.
  12. I've already ruled out the Wr-R for it's price to performance ratio against the DR650 that I'm going to get. Thank you for your input though.
  13. Only if you can give me a very compelling reason. If anything I'd either switch what I want back to the KLX or jump on the DRZ instead. Aaw, wonderful bikes once you sort the carb to get it to run right and the suspension so it's not trying to kill you. I love mine, wouldn't give it up since there's nothing out there that could replace it. I've heard the DR is basically unkillable, and with a properly jetted TM40 carb I think it will make a fantastic little bike.
  14. Believe it or not, I've actually decided to go with the DR650. I figure; the added weight I can manage, the added torque and horsepower will definitely help on the highway and that tractor-factor off road, and I can just learn how to mess around with the carby if need be. A gas tank here, some K270's there, toss on some non-rubberized foot pegs and a comfier seat and the DR650 seems like a pretty good bike. Don't try to convince me to get the KLR650 or a 690 or 701 instead, I've made my final decision. Thank you all the your generous help and input, it was all much appreciated.
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