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  1. lol, ur dealer was too lazy to look up the part
  2. lime green adds 10 more hp
  3. problem with an old nonrunning bike like this is you could easily dump 1000 into just to get it rideable, and more if the engine is badly damaged. I avoid vintage bikes for the reason that too many things seem to go wrong with them all the time, and it just becomes a headache. I'd especially avoid vintage that was stored damp. But if I was younger and wanted a project to wrench on it might be worth 500. It most def is a 'project bike' as it sits.
  4. i believe the 98 cr's were the first mx bikes to get alu frames. old school, but good
  5. yeah if u wanna dedicate dozens of hours to it. too much work to part bike like this imo whether or not its worth 500 if the engine is shot... i'd have to say not
  6. OMG 980 pages. I'd put money on at least 99.5% of it being useless back and forth blah blah.
  7. I wish japan would come out with some new dual sport bikes. I wish suzuki would come out with a new drz. I wish the crf450L wasn't just a detuned mx bike with lights.
  8. clean carb, new batt, fresh gas & oil, bypass the ig switch, and there's a chance it'll fire right up if it was put away still working. the rust is a bit concerning--could also be corroded elec connections to deal with if it was stored damp. check all rubber parts for decay.
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