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  1. to be honest, I barely felt any difference when going from 13/43 to 13/47. Sure it might pull more, but nothing too crazy.
  2. Ik what that yellow plug is for, but wtf is that box lol... what's the problem here?
  3. I've sold uglier ones for more haha, I put it at $2800 on CL
  4. I flip bikes lol... my 2001 is also for sale!
  5. I appreciate your help man! Thanks for being positive!
  6. it's a beginner track here in Cali... now imagine the main track haha
  7. Yea TheMXFactory said that stuff in his YT video. Shoulda watched it before going hahaaha. Closest track is over an hour away, and I don't have a truck haha. Excuses don't work tho, so yea Ima try it out! Thanks!
  8. I have no idea hahaha, prolly you hehe
  9. For both dirt and supermoto, I run Warp 9.
  10. did you spill your starbucks in the oil pan???? serious question
  11. What would you say is better for an absolute first timer (maybe make a list?). Gorman, LACR Beginner Track, or Milestone's Beginner track?
  12. I didn't even know they had classes lol Gotcha lol I just learned A LOT from you guys, thanks!!! I'll give it a shot again, maybe hehehe.
  13. Beginner here, I showed the following video to a few TT members, and they gave me a few tips... things like I am grabbing the tank correctly, I need to give more throttle when going over the lip, the bike needs a good carb inspection, etc. But that isn't my biggest problem. The thing that annoys me, is how come I am unable to actually ride the track? Like I am "riding" over the peak to peaks and tabletops and all that, but I am not jumping them. I tried it while going full throttle once, I got off my seat real good and almost died lol. It felt like I was about to do an endo. I was squeezing the tank as hard as I can, sitting right in the middle of the seat. Also I cant even properly clear the berm. I know it all requires practice... I want to be able to ride the main track perfectly fine haha. Here's the vid:
  14. 50% sitting, 50% slightly standing. It doesn't feel right, im 6'2 im sorry you feel that way
  15. I have a YZ125 too, went to the track for the first time with it, hated it. I'd get a YZ250F for the track, so probably a WR250F for the trails. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9uaJuErSrc That's the vid!
  16. Gooney


    Idk what you guys said, but I'd get the KTM 450 EXC if I had $$$. 2018 to be exact, love those!
  17. Okay, I didn't break my knees but I hurt em real bad... first time EVER on a track, went to LACR. BABY STEPS FOLKS!
  18. Hey’ I’ve got a YZ125 and I’ll get it all inspected and rebuilt, as well as a revalve. I was thinking since I’m doing the suspension, i might as well throw on a new stiffer rear spring and front fork springs. I weigh 220lbs, so what’s best for me? Heard 5.2kg and .48kg is suitable... lmk!
  19. So it's a no go? I just paid $22 for a half gal hahhahahahaha
  20. I'm a 16 year old kid... with the help of TT and YouTube, you can get it done. Really simple...just listen to me tho: MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE PISTON FACING THE RIGHT WAY. I knew which way it should've gone, but I guess I put it down at one point and forgot to check what side it's on. YZ Doc opened it up and showed that to me, thank god nothing happened hahaha. Oh and another thing YZDoc told me, NEVER use Namura. OEM, ProX, Vertex, maybeeeee even Wiseco, but never Namura. Enjoy building it up!
  21. what bike and for how much? I tend to sell my 2000-2001-2002 YZ125's for about $2500 each
  22. It's maybe $200-$300 max haha, not the end of the world, although I get what you're saying
  23. Yep, I love the thin and clean lookin bike! Although I bought things like the Zeta engine covers, oil filler cap, etc. I don't know man, i'm 50/50. I love the clean look, but also like just a little bit of bling (Gear Shifter, Brake Pedal, Zeta stuff, etc.)
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