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  1. I need a battery for my '18 500 and figure this would be a great time to get one as this is a 25% off sale. Does anyone know which battery is the best, most CCA battery that will fit? @Burnrider you may know? https://antigravitybatteries.com/
  2. I do regret having bought my GET Ecu from Slavens. There is no support, consultation etc. They do state their restocking fee for electrical parts though... Having bought a few things from Slavens I get the feeling that he or anyone there only deals with customers begrudgingly. I'm going to have to speak with this Taco Moto guy. My bike is very hard to start, and I do get the back fire pops. Definitely need to get this sorted before a tentative trip I have planned in the desert of So Cal in March.
  3. When I ordered it I wrote in where I typically ride hoping that they would respond in some fashion. Of course they did not. They put this slip of paper in the box when they shipped it to me:
  4. Slavens claims that they loaded their own proprietary maps. The sticker is on its way from a guy named Dan Truman, GET brand Mgr. USA
  5. Until you try to sell said ECU and have to explain.... I don't give a crap if it weren't for that.
  6. Alec is the sales manager there at Slavens. He said he was getting some stickers in to replace the Suzuki sticker with the correct one for my bike. Yeah, still waiting for that sticker Alec...
  7. My '18 500, Get Ecu equipped pops on decel upon occasion. I don't think much of it.
  8. We did have a friend in our group who broke his toe on a boulder on the 2nd day.
  9. Yeah the weather really screwed us. We only got three days of riding in. Brad and I got stuck in clay on the north side of Knott Creek Res. Had to wait a couple days for it to dry out before we could go back and get the bikes.
  10. I just got back from a really shitty trip as we got stuck in clay, had to hike out of the mountains and wait for the trails to dry before we went back to retrieve our bikes. Anyway, my bike is extremely hard to start in the morning, taking several minutes to start while my riding group was waiting. Idk if it the crap stock lithium battery or the combination of the battery and the GET ecu. I reset the TPS a few times with no improvement.
  11. The label is for the year and model bike, and I assume the maps from Athena for that particular bike. That leads me to believe that there were Suzuki maps in my ECU when it left Athena, and when Slavens received the ECU, Slavens must have deleted them, and then loaded either the Athena KTM maps, or Slavens own maps.
  12. No, my bike is an '18 KTM 500 EXC-F. And yeah that's the story, they ran out of the GET ECU's for the KTM, took a GET Suzuki ECU off the shelf and plugged in the correct maps for my bike.
  13. While waiting to get my 500 back from the suspension shop I've been receiving various farkles in the mail. The GET ECU came in the mail the other day. I opened the box and took a look at what Slavens sent, and see that they sent me the ECU for a Suzuki. So I do what anyone else would do in my position and called Slavens Racing about it. Tristan tells me that they've run out of stock of the KTM GET ECU's, however most of the ECU's are the same for many bikes, and what matters is the maps loaded into them. It doesn't rest well with me that it says Suzuki on one of the most critical pieces of equipment I'll be installing on my bike. So I called them back again and asked for a RA. Tristan emails me one, then I get a call from Alec (the store, or online manager) and assures me that it's just a sticker on the box, and that he's getting stickers within the next week, and he's going to send me one that shows the correct brand and model number for the ECU. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. From what they say it's just a sticker, right? However, I also highly doubt that the little silver sticker Athena affixes to their ECU's will be sent from Athena to Slavens; and it's going to show up in my mail. I have 30 days to return it, and their policy is 20% restock on electrical. I've never ordered anything from Slavens till now. Hasn't been a good experience so far. I also don't know anything about the maps they loaded, other than what is stated on this slip of paper.
  14. Well I ordered the GET ECU. I did not order the TC switch but I like that it has the capability if I decide to get it later on. For a DS bike TC may be limited but I can say that I absolutely rely on TC when loaded up on my 1090, where the name of the game is managing all that weight while riding in the dirt.
  15. You have the GET ECU? If so where do you ride and how pleased are you with it out here in Oregon? I have a trip planned for parts of the Alvord area, Northern Nevada and a small part of N California
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