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  1. those are crap. the "solder" doesn't ever tin into the wire, it just shrinks around it, even if you heat it soo much the pastic burns Real solder and shrink tube is a physical connection that will last.
  2. thats 113 miles from Buffalo. no thanks
  3. Jim_Wildman


    Im trying to get some people together for occasional rides.
  4. Trying to get something going!
  5. I know this is an old post, but I have done this conversion with nothing more then 2 12v voltage regulators , 12 volt lights and a 12 volt battery. you could replace the charging stator coil for one with more output, but; The xl500s has 3 charging coils, one for the AC cdi, one for the AC headlight, and a one for charging the battery DC. leave the cdi coil alone, add a 12volt ac voltage regulator to the ac stator for the headlight, and replace the 6volt DC regulator for charging with a 12volt one. Replace all the bulbs with 12v, replace the battery with 12vYou will have 2 stator coils charging the battery, one through an ac reg and one through a dc reg, between the 2 there is plenty of wattage even at Idle. hopefully this will help someone doing a 6 to 12 volt conversion in the future.
  6. Serious DR lovers? Dude get a life! people like that ruin forums.. a guy has a question, if you dont like his bike, or his question, just move on, dont be a jerk. I hate forums that are ful of know it all's, bashing other peoples efforts, etc.. Iv'e got a hand built bike,, Wanna race? You Wont!
  7. Anytime is a good time to start trials riding. Iv'e never had a real trials bike "plan to build one this winter" but practice trials techique all the time. It's the best way to improve your skills on a motorcycle, and translates to all motorcycle riding. that said id avoid a $10,000 purchase if your a beginner. just get an old trials bike to start on,, they are expensive enough.
  8. i think any mirror will fit, but if you ride off road alot you might consider the folding type.
  9. A good lipo batt for motorcycle use will have a built in battery management system board "BMS" and will protect the cels by balancing, and protecting from over draining, over charging, and even short circuiting, e.t.c. That said many of the leading manufacturers do not use them, and never balance the cels. Considering the danger I would look for a battery with a BMS built in even if it is overkill.
  10. cool bike, forget the negativity, people who can't fabricate tend to mock those who do. The best way to control heat in an air cooled situation is with more fuel, i think the air flow looks just fine, probly lean on cruise. My bike is 100% custom as well.. I applaud your efforts!
  11. when i look at the clubs page that red button "start a club" doesnt exist! what gives?
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