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    CRF's Only Pro Suspension Package for the CRF250L Rally'17-19 $500 84003 Okay folks, I did something pretty dumb and I need to come clean. Like a complete newb, I bought the CRF's Only Pro Suspension Package for the CRF250L Rally'17-19. My problem is that I don't have the Rally model, I have a 2017 CRF250L so should have ordered a different package. First off, my wife doesn't know that I just spent over $1,000 on a new rear shock upgrade. Secondly, the shock I bought wasn't even for the bike I have. Now I need to recover some of the cost of that shock so I can spend more money on the right shock for my bike. The shock I bought was set up for my riding weight (riding clothes, and camping gear) of 244 lbs. The type of riding I do is off road back country discovery route rides in the mountains. This package also comes with the Race Tech front shock spring and Gold Valve kit but I DIDN'T ORDER THE REMOTE RESERVOIR. I can't return this since they set it up for my weight and riding style so If anyone would like a great deal on this package. $500 or best offer



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