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  1. Back in 2001 I made these drawings since I wanted a extra set of wheels for my '99 XR4. Ended up with a '88 KX250 rear wheel, fitted with adaptors. And did a front end swap using parts from the same '88 KX250, wheel, brake and forks, anything except the triple clamp really. Anyway, hope some of you guys find the drawings useful.
  2. The older cast style can brake, it is not common but happens. The newer stamped type are better, I have never heard of one braking. The better, newer type on the left, old type on the right
  3. GU520

    Is an XR 400 right for me?

    Very, very nice. Congrats. When you feel like it, maybe pull and lube the swingarm bolt. And confirm you have the newer stamped type choke plate in the carb and not the old cast one. Just to prevent possible damage. No need to take any chances since the bike should last you many,many years. I am sure my ´99 XR4 will still be capable of off roading when I am not anymore :-)
  4. GU520

    Is an XR 400 right for me?

    The XR4 is just about the best trail bike ever made for the casual rider. Very user friendly, reliable, simple and easy maintenance. Kick starting is not a big deal, a healthy xr4 starts easy. Look out for rusted out frame, look carefully at the frame tubes under the engine. And at the sidekick bracket. The swingarm bolt can get stuck, do a search, can be a big deal. The early models had a cast choke plate in the carb that could brake in two and do some engine damage. Easy fix. The XR4 has very few weaknesses. For casual trail riding you do not need a full blown race bike. I have had several ktm's and husky´s and they definitely outperform a XR4 at all-out speeds, but for casual trail riding I prefer the XR4. Suzuki DRZ400E (don´t know about the DRZ400S, never had one) is also a nice bike, but it is nowhere as good off road. If that matters to you, the DRZ is better on-road though, don´t really know why it just feels more at home on the blacktop. Less engine vibration I guess, and the DRZ has a more rev happy engine.
  5. GU520

    Buying Cheap cylinders/heads off ebay?

    I wonder if the parts are not made for the XR4, but simply spare parts for the Shineray 400cc bikes?
  6. GU520

    XR400 High Mileage?

    Gorn, the stock piston with the rings on it weighs 308 grams...
  7. GU520

    XR400 High Mileage?

    Stock piston. I think I still have it in the garage. I'll look for it and let you know.
  8. GU520

    XR400 High Mileage?

    30.000 km on a dirtbike is a lot. XR4's are very reliable but the piston can develop cracks on the intake side after heavy use. If the piston skirt brakes off, the piston can rotate and mess up the engine big time, do a google search for xr4's and TRX4's with blown engines. My XR4's piston had hairline cracks on both sides of the skirt, it surely would have disintegrated if left in place. The bike had 30-40K km on it, many of them hard and high rpm. If your bike has had a very easy life you are probably ok, if not maybe you should take a look.
  9. GU520

    Front sprocket?

    The side shown on the pic should face out.
  10. GU520

    What's this rubber plug?

    Looks like the rubber thingy from the muffler, so it does not rub against the side panel...
  11. GU520

    pistons and compression / U dont Know!

    Excellent info. Thanks a lot. My spare XR4 engine has a new overbore (never started) 85.47mm with a Namura piston. Compression ratio is 11:1. The engine however has the stock camshaft, and that is no good for the 11:1 compression ratio as I understand it. Can anyone recommend a good XR4 camshaft for a 11:1 compression ratio? What should I look for, bigger duration or higher lift?
  12. GU520

    Help Reading Spark Plug? 04xr400

    Looks about right to me.
  13. GU520

    Selling drz400 for XR400r!

    Yes, have had a 2003 DRZ400E and several XR4's. The DRZ (E model) has way more power, smoother engine, better on the blacktop. Soft suspension and so-so offroad performance. The XR is better offroad, more vibey and less comfortable on the blacktop, way more nimble, simpler. Maintenance is super easy. Both are reliable. I personally like the XR more but there is noting wrong with the DRZ at all.
  14. GU520

    Crf250l forks on an xr400, possible?

    Actually the e-start XR4 in motard clothing is very real. But perhaps it was never sold in USA.
  15. Casting marks. On one pic there seem to be cracks. But probably they are just casting marks with a bit of dirt/oil.