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  1. Defiinitely push it as far forward in the boot as it will go.. I never recommend cutting.
  2. Vrealm, wow that is a super tight fit...didn't look that bad on dfasts' pictures...can it be pushed more toward the intake side?
  3. Leo, I know some ATV riders who have had good luck with that NIBBI carb...it cost way more though.
  4. Hey dfast, do you have any idea if the orion RXB has a cloned cylinder and head of a Honda crf230...I was told they do not have the same bore and stroke...but we both now know that the engine specs from manuals can be incorrect with these chinese engines. If it is same exact specs to Honda I have seen a 270mm kit with cam,piston and head for that.
  5. Not sure of the quality of the carbs you linked..fast would be the guy to ask about that. Leo, Looks nice...thought you were keeping the Apollo...you will like this more.
  6. Same Bike..Get it...they came with xmotos stickers before..the carb you need is a 32 mm PWK flat slide copy.
  7. Here is the YouTube video of that 35hp CRF 230
  8. dfast, Was just thinking of having them made from flat aluminum..but now I see the size and the spacers..probably not worth the cost or effort for those.
  9. Hey Guys, Are the motor mounts welded or can they be replaced with custom aluminum units? I am also wondering if anyone makes stainless steel valves and heavy duty valve springs. I think there may be some gains to be had if this is a direct clone of the Honda crf230 engine. I saw a video today of a guy in Brazil who can build a 35 hp crf230 engine. That's just crazy and may be just to unreliable long term.
  10. Ya need to get those heavy stock tires and tubes replaced...LOL !!!
  11. I found this ..is for crf230 but may work for us if engine is a clone. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://crf230fmods.wordpress.com/pistonsbig-bore-6/&ved=2ahUKEwiB3sDj88jkAhXMTd8KHV9OANcQFjAFegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw2QmcI7sGa0smw8KHyT52CE&cshid=1568209889361
  12. Straight from orion David Cochrane 223cc This makes me sad ­čśą
  13. Still goes to my point that it could be possible to have a 243cc engine out in the world.
  14. Opps..just sawOld Plonkers post that said the same thing.
  15. Who thought that measuring the studs was a way to tell the bore...measure across the bore.
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