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  1. Okay I’ve seen guys with 04’s swapping to a 08 cam and people were saying they need 08 springs. Not sure if I needed 04 springs if running the 04 cam.
  2. Can I run a 04 crf250r with 08 head and valves and springs, but run the 04 cam and piston?
  3. This sucks. Just got the bike back 700 bucks later and within 10 minutes of riding the exhaust valves got bent again. 04 engine and cam and piston only difference is 08 valves, springs, and head. But everywhere I look online says that the 08 parts should be fine on it. It’s still in time and everything so I am confused why this keeps happening...
  4. It wasn’t running when I bought it and it turned over but didn’t have any compression so I thought it dropped a valve or the timing was off but the mechanic said that the valves got bent from hitting the piston, I’ll have him check the cam part number.
  5. It’s at a good powersports mechanic that I’ve been using for years, and he said the timing was fine. He thinks the piston was the problem. He must have looked up the number on the case or something to figure out it was an 04, but that’s just my guess. He realized it when he noticed the different valve stem size. It still has the same cylinder so he was going to order an 04 piston and keep the 08 head, just replacing the two bent valves.
  6. Hi guys, I bought an 08 that had a new head, valves, and piston put on it. Seemed like it had a valve installed wrong and had dropped the valve. Turns out it has a 04 motor in it so the new parts didn’t work on it and the valves were hitting the piston. The head looks like it’s the same just smaller valve guides, but just want to be sure. I’m ordering two new valves to replace the bent ones sticking with the 08 parts, but will replace the 08 piston with one for the 04. Anyone know for sure if I can use the 08 head and valves with the 04 motor and piston?
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