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  1. The question is if the schematics in the service manual is true or not. As stated earlier in this thread, according to the schematics, the capacitor is charged by a DC-DC converter within the CDI-box. However, the common way of CDI systems is letting the pickup coil charge the capacitor. What is the true case?
  2. Thank you for that. Would save alot of work to make use if the stock flywheel teeth. Will see how I can go about that. Otherwise I will go your route I think.
  3. Nice work. My I ask how and where you got the ring manufactured?
  4. Are you keeping stock ignition coil?
  5. I was thinking about trying to do phase detection with MAP as well. Will also do ignition with my ECU. My idea was to run closed loop PWM of the fuel pump to retain pressure without the need of a pressure regulator. Just something I'm playing with. Will also reduce the current load on the OEM 12V CDI supply wiring.
  6. Thank you for that. I'm in the research phase right now but will probably pull the trigger and invest in hardware pretty soon. Do you have any detailed measurements of the OEM DRZ400 flywheel? Like where the teeth are related to TDC etc? Also, what route have you gone to make it fully sequential? What are you using for phase detection there? For fuel system I'm looking at doing PWM modulation of the fuel pump, but that it further down the track. Regards Tobias
  7. Cant answer to how the stock CDI uses the two different signals. I'm working on a solution to go fuel injected with the stock flywheel and sensors. Will see how that falls out.
  8. Thank you. After some more research it seems the TRIGGER COIL is picking up those long and short tooths. The SIGNAL COIL is picking up the magnets in the stator rotor.
  9. This is interesting. Do you have any clue to what it is that the SIGNAL COIL is picking up? There is no teeth on the flywheel with that pattern what I can see.
  10. slowriding, did you get to any conclution on the function of the two coils?
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