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  1. I’ve owned both, the sg10s I bought in 2005 so I don’t know how much they’ve changed since then. They were great and lasted until I bought the 12s a few years ago. I like the Gaerne’s because I’ve got wide feet and they athe most comfortable boots I’ve found. Also I think they are one of the few high dollar boots that are actually still made in Italy. From what I’ve read most other top of the line boots (Astars, Sidi etc) have outsourced production to places like China and Romania and quality has suffered.
  2. That’s not soot, it looks like your boots or your pants touched the hot exhaust and melted a little. Edit: never mind, just noticed you said shock spring. Thought you were referring to the black spots on the pipe. My bad.
  3. Actually now that I think about his bike was is an 06 as well. Apparently KTM got a bad batch of gears that weren’t heat treated properly. When it happened to him his bike had less than 5 hours on it and they covered it under warranty.
  4. This happened to a buddy of mine on an 07 525. Turned out one of his gears chipped and the (very tiny) piece of metal got stuck in the shifting spool.
  5. I’ve been running the KTM PDS suspension since 2005 on two different bikes and use the 3 finger at the back of the chain pad on the swingarm with the bike on the stand. Never had an issue. When it comes to the PDS it’s better to be a little loose than a little tight.
  6. Plus 1 on the bullet proof designs. Really good stuff. However these are extremely precise fit. If your current radiators are even slightly bent it’ll take a good amount of effort to get them on.
  7. If you change the seal be sure to change the compression washer as well.
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