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  1. endo987


    The oil leak is from when it was stolen , it looks like the chain had come off at some point and it has slightly hit the engine casing . measured the oil that came out and it look like it has lost 20ml from a full days riding (approx 7 hours ). hoping a new casing is not needed .
  2. endo987


    First run out in 8 months since it was stolen and i have a oil leak , it doesn't look like much , but need to investigate. looks like it is from around the lower chain guard bolt
  3. endo987

    Won't idle below 2k

    it sounds like the starter clutch may be at fault
  4. The best way to see if it's the brake line would be ,pull the brake and get it to bind so it only spins 1/2 a rotation by hand . The to open the bleed screw for about 3 seconds to let out some fluid , don't press the lever or hit the caliper . If the wheel now spins better then it must be the brake line holding pressure( internal fault), but if it is no better then it has to be a caliper problem
  5. How did you get on , are you now able to ride? Has the rotation better after a run
  6. a faulty start button , bypass the starter button the same way you have the clutch
  7. I would go for a short can , the rotation van be normal with new pads and rotor
  8. Sounds like it's a alignment problem between caliper and rotor. If the caliper slides on the rotor easily it can't be he caliper seized. I would think worn spacers or bent caliper bracket
  9. endo987

    New carb

    Has anyone out there fitted a lectron carb to there crf, has it made any difference. Performance upgrade?
  10. i replaced mine with a ktm item , it was off a 2012 ktm 300exc , the only thing i had to was to drill 4 small holes in the cap for better fuel flow ,
  11. no problem, now back to riding???
  12. On any bike I have worked on I have never noticed any play , you might have a worn clutch basket bearing
  13. found this one hope it helps
  14. That is the only image I have
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