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  1. "Metro Parks" patrols alot of the stuff I wish I could ride on...
  2. Theres some hiking trails behind the school on Lithopolis Rd but im pretty sure I wasnt supposed to be there Ill go back when the weather is crappy and nobody is around
  3. I grew up in Cville and I'm in Groveport now! Somebody let me know when you guys are riding. If you got street legal stuff I can show you stuff around rickenbacker.
  4. A little late but yes me. Groveport.
  5. It is not a special permit. It's a state of Ohio APV registration. Just like a motorcycle plate/sticker but its red and its good for 3yrs. Wayne is a NATIONAL forest so you need either a $20 three day pass or a $35 season pass ON TOP OF your OH registration. Another reason I like Perry better is because its "unrestricted". At Wayne you can NOT ride off the trails, can NOT ride on hiking trails and can NOT ride on horse trails. And Wayne is farther. Start with getting your registration.
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