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  1. Thanks. I do have a Clymer which I always purchase for any vehicle I own. Just my first time with a carbed bike. I do live in Seattle area so similar to you very damp and cool most of the year. Right now we have dense fog every morning. I will post back how it goes when i can get to the bike. Thanks again for your time.
  2. Never mind I looked up via url outside this app and it works.
  3. Still not gonna get to it til next week but this link is “not found.”
  4. If you’re gonna do more pavement than dirt I’d say Vstrom 650. A decent amount of dirt go XR650L. Vstrom can handle two up as well but not too heavy and just as much guts as my BMW R100. And more comfortable longer rides than XR.
  5. More or less what I did. But maybe was because i hadn’t got it hot enough. I let it run for a while. Didn’t ride around first so will do that next try. Thanks for the help.
  6. When I get a chance I will go for longer ride and report back. Probably won’t be til next week. We have family coming so won’t be riding til next week. Pics is a good idea just figured it would be fine so didn’t feel i needed to take any. I will start doing that whenever i do work. Thanks for the help. I will let everyone know when i get a chance to get out for more than my short commute which is only 7 miles.
  7. Ok so looks like I should keep the CV. But there is disagreement on what jets to mess with or replace. Carb has been cleaned and inspected all the o-rings etc. I installed extended screw got it pretty dialed in but my issue is light sputters while accelerating and first couple lights have to give a lil gas for fear of stalling. Sometimes I just turn idle up to avoid this then back down once warmer. Though when it’s warm still sputters very lightly while maintaining speed. I will have to go for a longer ride maybe and see what happens AFTER 20 minutes. Won’t be on it for a week so will have to revisit this. Thanks for all the input. Worse case scenario we have a shop here that specializes in old Japanese bikes. I am not afraid to try fixing this stuff myself but don’t have the time to spend days diagnosing. We have two small girls and no family near to watch them. So sometimes it’s worth just having a pro do it.
  8. Have only had a couple months. So have been getting road worthy. Did valve adjust oil changes, plug, and carb cleaned. Put new filter, gas tank, extend led fuels screw. So just been trying to dial in the carb.
  9. Yes. I opened it up and inspected everything.
  10. Ok thanks I will give it a shot.
  11. Could humidity be an issue i do live in PNWet?
  12. Thanks I’ll give that a shot. I also noticed the foam gasket around door is toast. It was foam and posts have said it should be about as air tight without it.
  13. Thanks that helps a lot. Getting less confused. Appreciate the help. I’ll try not to forget to let you know how it turns out. And will be sure to come back for questions. Wanna dial this thing in finally, so i can ride focused. It seems like lightly used carb for mileage. Only two POs and both weren’t rough riders. Only 8k. I’ve just never had a bike this old so haven’t had to delve into a carb yet.
  14. Sorry this app is a pain. The PO wasn’t mechanical so guess its stock jetting. So a Chinese rebuild kit (likely what i got) will probably be stock size which won’t do me any good. I will have to open it up next time i have a free day and see if it has a number. When i get that figured out, will the ones I found on eBay work? With proper step up in jetting of course?
  15. these? Also have 42.5. Of course it says it doesn’t fit but guessing that’s because they aren’t oem jetting.
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