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  1. Thank you Mrrcx. Are you using the stock oil pump?
  2. Is anyone using the TBolt big bore 120 kit with an oil cooler? Where did you source your oil cooler? There are several oil coolers available on the TBolt site but they (TBolt) are saying none of them have been tested with their cylinder.
  3. I cleaned the carb a few years ago put it back on and went riding. Came back and washed the bike and noticed I had not reconnected the TPS, never noticed any difference in the way it ran. So back to my original question, the FCR39 offered in the TT store with no TPS will it work/fit on my 2000 Kicker? Thanks for the replies.
  4. Looking at the FCR39 description in TT store, says it does not come with TPS. Does the FCR mx not use a TPS or I use the one off of my stock carb? Have never seen one of the newer FCRs.
  5. The TT FCRs are less than what I have seen elsewhere, just did not know if would fit. The TT parts site said it would not work with my kicker model.
  6. Rebuilding my 2000 DRZ400 kicker that I have had since new, going to give it to my nephew. The stock FCR39 is just completely worn out as I put many miles on this bike, slide and slide bore are hammered. I noticed there are FCR39 kits here on TT in the parts store but they appear to be for the S and SM models. Will they fit/work on my kicker? I looked and various sources for new ones and was blown away at the pricing, $1000.00 plus.
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