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  1. I'd been looking at that one lol, thanks for the info. I will try to include a pic here of the other style I mentioned. Looks like it will go through, like i said, I'm just a little confused on which style to use. The one you linked, or this style.
  2. Thanks for replying. I have a fluke brand electronic multimeter. When I check the rotational coil, my meter goes from 0 with the probes off of the wires, to 0.0 ohm resistance when I touch the wires at the connector. I went ahead and pulled the stator cover off hoping I would find something amiss. Nope. So, I'm going to order another online. I do have a question I hope you may be able to answer, on ebay there are 2 styles. I was looking at pictures online and again found 2 styles. One which I bought and installed has all small coils same size on it. However I have seen many listed that have one larger coil added in with the smaller coils. I would imagine the larger coil on the stator would be for the cdi power, but am unsure. Do you know which style mine should have? The 2 styles both say for an 01 to 04 bear tracker 250. I've looked up oem part numbers and looked that way but can't find a good oem pic to know which style mine should have. I'm going to end up ordering another stator and hope it fixes my problem once I figure out which kind I'm supposed to have. Oh, the one I bought before was aftermarket, not oem.
  3. Hi, I hope someone can give me a few directions here. I bought a bear tracker from a mechanic last summer. (Big mistake!) My son and I worked on it a little bit last fall and hadn't gotten back to it until now. It was not in running condition when we bought it. I did a bunch of research into problems with them, and found the stator is a big problem with most. I went ahead and began checking this 4 wheeler out, and found it had a bad stator. We replaced it with a new one, and also the cdi just in case. We just got back to working on it and I'm at a bit of a loss. I've worked on motorcycles for well over 25 years now, but am a bit stumped on this beast. According to a post by rickystator on here, my pickup coil should be reading 500 ohms, and the rotational coil 0 - 1 ohms. Mine has 497 and 0. Should be just fine. I have no spark. The neutral light works (now) so I know that's fine. The neutral relay works fine. The starter relay is bad (just clicks) so I ordered a new one and have tried jumping the relay to start it up. It jumps fine, just no spark. I checked the coil and it seems to be getting no electricity to it. So, I know its gotta be in the cdi section of the wiring somewhere. I've cleaned terminals and connectors until my hands hurt, but no change. As I stated earlier, new cdi box is on it, and I tried the old one as well, no difference. Can someone here please tell me the electrical flow for this setup? I have a hardbound Haynes manual for bear trackers but some of the wiring colors just do NOT match this atv. Mostly they do, but some wires are different, and some are not shown so I can't trust the diagrams there. Most show only 2 wires attached to the starter relay, but also show 3 or 4 in the connector, but do not show them on the diagram. Any ideas of what else to check, or an electrical flow chart for the cdi system would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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