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  1. Agreed... mine’s the same machine, color and all... it’s really a blast to ride... all things considered.., price, weight, ergonomics and typical Honda, get on it and everything feels just right.. For me I love the extreme contrast to my Goldwing in every aspect.... Home run Honda !!
  2. Agree with the previous posts..., I would run it at close to maximum recommend slack. I would doubt if it’s jumping the drive sprocket unless it’s severely worn. When I raced 2-stroke karts, chain alignment and slack were of critical importance. Aluminum split gears and used D.I.D. Gold Chains. Would crank over 15,000 rpms on the straights. I would set my slack and then having the kart level on a stand, rotate the axle forward (how it would normally be driving) and adjust the axle gear so the teeth were ideally perfectly centered to the chain. Not touching the insides of the links if possible, or as close to that as possible. Look for wearing on the sides and leading edge of the teeth. If you see any, replace the gear and chain at the same time.
  3. Just do it......!!! [emoji1303]
  4. Thanks guys, next time I’m at a dealer I’ll take a look at several models and see if anything looks close.. Yep, I’ll probably end up having to go with aftermarket
  5. I would call EJK... Just installed an EJK on an ‘18 Rally, I know the base settings are different. I would call them just to confirm you’re good using the pre ‘17 controller
  6. Does anyone know if the stock front disc guard from the 250R or 450L work on a 2018 250L Rally...? Would like to keep it Honda if possible...
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