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  1. I guess I will have to split the case and find out unfortunately.
  2. I wonder if it could be an issue with the 5th gear dogs?
  3. Digital vernier calipers. Checked the clutches and steels for thickness, basket for wear, and the springs.
  4. My bike started to have a speratic slipping or maybe it's a miss fire. It only happens in fifth gear. At first I thought it was a miss fire, however the more I ride it it seems more like a clutch or trans issue. What happens is, I have it in 5th gear and try to accelerate at all it feals like I am dumping the clutch over and over again. Only at an allot faster pase that I would actually be posible. I took the cover off and inspected the clutch and everything is within spec. Which makes me think ita a trans issue. However I'd think if 5th gear had a missing tooth, the rest would get stripped off shortly after. Thanks for any help in advance
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