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  1. Thats one nice lookin bike, but If i was the rider it would have really crappy performance­čśü
  2. Orion should have tighten them before shipping. I do the wrench test when I'm servicing my bike between rides after spokes have settled. If this was the first time for you lacing wheels and you got them reasonably true you did way better than most.
  3. Never ride your new or used bike without tightening your spokes. . Doesn't matter what brand. Worked for years at a dealer before opening my own shop. When you rolled a dirt bike off the floor to service first thing we did was tighten spokes. Very few dealers will do this. . Easy way to do a quick spoke check before you ride is tap each spoke with a small wrench should have a musical note if tight. Dull thud if loose.
  4. Orion says 18. Some of the guys on here say its more powerfull than the CRF230 Honda which has the same size engine.
  5. I've looked at the GPX xtr t4. Kayo USA is Bringing in the T2 - T4 enduro with 6 spd trans and the K6-R 250 with the NC250 for 2020. I'm a poor boy so the Orion fits my budget best. If I had the $$ I'd go with the Kayo T4 6 spd. $3499
  6. Have you checked with Crossfire to see if the bikes like yours can be ordered with aluminum swingarm. If so you could order one as a replacement part. I don't think Xmotos offers an optional aluminum arm on any of their bikes. If you find anything that works let us know. Would like to purchase an RXB and be able to change out the arm and rims to aluminum.
  7. generally when the rim has to go a certain way is when you have a conical hub where spokes are longer on one side. It has to do with the angle the spoke enters the rim. If all spokes are same length it should work either way. Look closely at a pic of the Orion or a CR wheel and notice the pattern of the spokes
  8. If the spokes are the same length & the same angle on the bend you're lacing them wrong
  9. I think earlier in the thread it was determined to be Honda CRF. Brake rotors I believe were CRF?
  10. Orion has supermoto wheel sets
  11. What is the diameter of the forks on the RXB 43? 47? 48?
  12. Thats just another reason why they are less expensive. They don't use a thrust spacer between the linkage. The bearings and seals just ride on the one long spacer. Also if you leave a little room side to side your linkage alignment doesn't have to be perfect.
  13. Are the link and rocker made of cast iron or cast aluminum?
  14. The Orion is not a kayo. The pitster/gpx XTR T4 is a Kayo T4 . Kayo USA is bringing in the T2 - T4 & K6-R bikes for 2020. They're showing the T4 with a counter balanced 6 speed air cooled engine. Not sure of actual discplacement. They claim 223cc for the T2 And 249cc for the T4. The K6-R has the NC250. I'm Trying to decide if I want the Orion or the T4. I feel like the T4 is maybe a little better bike, but I think its gonna be about a $1000 more. Look up Kayo moto USA.
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