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  1. Just found a brand new leftover '18 Xtrainer for $6400 just a few hours away from my house. Can't believe there are any '18s left, but I might just have to take advantage of that.
  2. My dad rides, and I have a of friend who rides competitive enduro. I go to his place to learn new things whenever I have time. He's got everything on his property to teach a new rider, so I've definitely been taking advantage of that. I just felt really limited with the YZ. A lot of the technical stuff was really hard for me on that bike due to the way it delivers power, and it was so hard for me to put a foot down. I might have an easier time on an Xtrainer.
  3. I can afford a new Beta, I might just have to put off another project I had planned on doing in the coming month. But that may very well be worth it. I'll probably talk to my local Beta dealer and see what kind of deal they can make me if I bring them cash.
  4. I could probably have my dealer include all the guards I'd need and walk out the door around $8k. I will definitely have to ponder that one.
  5. I had eyeballed the 200exc at one point, but quickly let that dream go when I saw the nearly 38" seat height. My YZ which was about the same height had a shaved seat and was sprung for my weight, but I still could never put a foot down, especially in awkward positions (on the side of a hill, in ruts, etc) and that became very exhausting. I know the crf230 and kx100 would feel pretty sluggish compared to my YZ, which makes it hard to pick one of them. But I've read that the 230 can run pretty well once it's uncorked. What about the KDX200? That should be on par with my YZ power wise, I'd think. I want to convince myself to buy one of the cheaper bikes, but I'm starting to wonder if I should just fork out the extra cash for the Beta. 95silverstallion has a good point.
  6. That's honestly at the top of my list, but I'm not sure I want to spend $6k+ on a bike when I'm still learning. I'd probably tear it up and wouldn't be able to ride it to its potential. Ideally, I'll eventually end up on an Xtrainer, but I'm fairly inexperienced and want a bike I won't mind dropping a few times until I become more comfortable in the woods. You think I should lose that mentality and just ball out on an Xtrainer?
  7. Hey guys, I've been reading through this forum all evening and have learned some useful information, but I'm still stumped on what bike to buy. My personal situation is a little different, since I'm a 25 y/o guy that's only 5'4 (28-29" inseam) and 150lbs. Being as small as I am, a lot of full sized bikes are just a pain in the ass for me to ride. I had a YZ125 for a while, but I'm wanting something more short person and woods friendly. The YZ was fun, but just too tall for a beginner like me to feel comfortable on, and it didn't have the low end torque I wanted for the woods either. So, I think I've narrowed it down to a few options. They're all pretty different from each other, but all seem to have their own upsides and downsides. The list includes the KDX200, CRF230F (maybe the new 250f, but leaning more towards the 230), and a KX100 simply because of how small it is. What would you guys recommend for my situation? I'm also open to other suggestions also. Thanks!
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