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  1. The P/N of the unit is 920200139 I can’t find any reference to that P/N on Dobeck website or anywhere else. Any ideas what exactly is this tuner made for ? The seller was using it on a 2017 CRF250L
  2. Thanks Thats what I thought after looking at their website. I contacted them by e-mail, their guy answered that they can reflash the unit for a Pre-2017 ??. Anyway, I will buy it and see from there
  3. Thanks for the reply So most probably, the only difference between a unit for a 2014 and a 2017+ would be the initial base settings. I will go ahead with that reset the values to Dobek recommended settings
  4. Hi According to their site, the EJK for a 2017 is the same as one for a 2013-2016 ? I have a 2014 bike and just found a good deal on an EJK that was installed on a 2017. Just want to make sure it will fit before buying it.
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