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  1. 450X22

    Eldorado closed ??

  2. 450X22

    Carnegie man dies in accident

    I feel sorry for everyone involved, even the dumb ass 16 year old quad rider.
  3. Thanks for all your hard work Bob. That part of 1 will be much easier on the BMW now. Steve
  4. 450X22

    Chain for the 450x

    The stock chain is not an "o-ring" chain but a "t-ring". That is the narrowest sealed chain out there. Looking at about $100 but will last years if you don't over tighten it.
  5. 450X22

    Loctite or not on countershaft bolt?

    Started using RTV for silencer rivots in the 80s...I always use something, but always something mild/low strength to prevent thread damage/wear...
  6. 450X22

    red stickered. how to mod to green?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2002-CRF450-CRF-450-Frame-Chassis-Stock-OEM_W0QQitemZ390155306340QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item5ad7118564 Here you go...
  7. I used the cheap steel model for a couple years until I could buy a truck. Used a van (Montana Transport) and removed all the seats to help with weight. You have to tie the bike down right so the handlebar doesn't hit the rear window when getting into the staging area. It was nice to have the van to sleep in for the overnighters. When coming back from a muddy run you can just drive the whole thing into the quarter carwash and blast away! The secret is to have min weight on the transport. I would haul the bike with no gas in it and carry all the other weight as far forward as poss. Tool box went at the passenger floor board. Gear bag in the seat draped over tool box. No "trailer" speed limit also...
  8. 450X22

    Alpinestars the best boot?

    I have two pairs of Tech 10s that see duty...My favorite of all time...One of my riding buddies loves his Gaernes...I think all the top boots are equal and getting replacement parts are easy these days...All boots wear out and must be replaced, so ask your self, how long do my boots last, do I really take care of them, do you have an upside down post for them to rest on? For some people a $200 pair of boots make better sense for them...I even use my on street rides...
  9. 450X22

    why is honda so great

    I have had factory involvement in lots of Honda products...Autos, bikes, lawnmowers, generators/welders, watercraft, and anything else they came up with...Starting with the best metal ava, best engineering, best manufacturing, and you get the product that all the manufactures shoot for...Yamaha is an equal, but has a little different spin on things...Whats the first thing a com gardener does when the stock motor gets tried? Put on a Honda engine, the engine would out last the deck!
  10. I have both models and they are a must. Installing the bike on the one with casters and wheeling it out it get cleaned is wonderful. I will take the bike apart for servicing and wash on the caster wheel model then wheel it into the corner of the garage out of harms way. The model without casters is more stable and I use it for serious work. Anyone's back is worth having lifts to work on your bikes.
  11. 450X22

    KDX 220R or WR 250

    I would like to see you move forward not backwards or some might say sideways. KDX was nice bike went it first came out. You have the best 250f of that time frame. Todays times point to the KTMs. Husky's newer TEs have to be thrown in also. Street legal TE250s, even the TE310 (which uses old motor) are fantastic bikes. I use to have the 3-4 dirt/street bikes in the garage and now keep it to one of each. If $$$ are an issue then a used KTM smoker is a steal. 07 XCF250(W)s are showing up at good prices now and you can't kill those bikes.
  12. 450X22

    Registering My bike with NO engine.

    +1 Have you punched in the vin # in estimated fees, DVM website?
  13. 450X22

    Time Sert recommendation

    +1...Get having them in the tool box and fitting that frozen bolts...
  14. 450X22

    bore kit questions

    The modern bikes have been 280cc CRFXs and KTMXC250W bored to 315cc...The 280 kits aren't worth the $$$ to spend...Now my KTM 315 was the bomb...No 250/300 2 stroke could hang with the bike...HT Racing did mine and I was very happy with his work...You can look on the web site for prices...They have 340/350 kits which are much more $$$ and just makes the project too expensive...
  15. My HP2 had both types of wheels...The shorter 17 front worked 1,000 times better on the street...For 21" knobbies a steering dampner works wonders... Just got back from my local Husky dealer...Their TE310 is on my short list...Looking for a plated woods bike to join trails with...But they have those damn 09 610s for 7K...I'm so glad I won't have any $$$ for a couple months...