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  1. Ahhh gotcha!! All good take care sir and now I get the bronco comment too ha.
  2. ohhh I sorta get it.. found this thread where my question is answered by of course Erik.
  3. aroo? I found this thread about Bronco78 but I'm confused. Seems likely I'm missing a joke here.
  4. Erik I removed that link, sorry about that. Brain full of parts fiche details and not paying attention to source. Awesome thank you for that. Is washer, circlip, washer right for that little starter gear? It's looking like I'm going to owe this forum quite a lot of favors. Take care
  5. Forgot to answer this one, it's a new 2019 bike parted out I got from Ebay.
  6. Oh another likely easy one.. can anyone confirm that the washers on the little starter gear are washer/circlip/washer then gear? Someone was saying the parts fiche is wrong... # 2, # 3 and # 2 in the same fiche as above link. Ah and the reference post at Thumper Talk Starter shim order: edited out, sorry about posting another website. Thanks again!
  7. Super nice bike, well done on the build.
  8. Just to confirm there is no washer or anything *behind* the starter gear right? Just slips onto the shaft followed by the flywheel? I went through this fiche and don't see anything but.. /shrug https://thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=742803&manufacturer=5&category=5&year=2013&model=27039 They don't give the part it's own number but sort of 8. The big gear. Thank you everyone
  9. Ahh found the PAIR valve removal thread now duh.
  10. Erik thanks much, I'll just make a block off plate. Scott my countershaft splines are toast and I got quotes between $600 + parts up to $2,500 full rebuild. The variability bugged me and net net I might end up out $2k+ for an old engine, pass. shrug Beta thanks!
  11. Using something like this https://www.healtech-electronics.com/products/pse/ ? I'd like to just remove it since that seems path of least hassle. Thanks!!
  12. Excellent! thanks Atolduso. Hoping it all comes together!
  13. Hi, I have a high mileage 2009 DRZ400S motor that I'd like to replace with a 2019 DRZ400S motor. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? I don't know what the right term is but I usually say UJM for a bike that seemingly never changes year to year. Hopefully other than cosmetics, etc. not much has changed. I do need a few parts (stator, cover, starter) off the old 2009 motor to go onto the new one. Thanks all
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