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  1. Yes, no worries there at all. I never change my oil before 5,000 miles to begin with, and sometimes that may slip to nearly 6,000 before I get around to it. Oil hasn't needed to be changed every 3,000 miles since the stone age. The only thing that helps is the oil change place.
  2. While you may be OK to do this, why not go ahead and do preventative maintenance now? You'd hate to have to pull that engine back apart any time soon.
  3. Not to mention a overly tensioned chain will put undue stress on the countershaft seals and bearings, loads they were not engineered to handle. Landing a jump with a chain that is too tight introduces a shock load on the drivetrain components--something you never want to put on a bearing. You could quickly develop a wobbly, leaking front sprocket.
  4. I keep getting Maxxis ITs front and rear. They last forever and hook up great here in the varied Alabama terrain.
  5. I like the winged logo.
  6. Have any of you ever experienced an ignition failure? What were the symptoms? I have a Trailtech stator + Trailtech regulator/rectifier on my bike (used to have ligths). A few weeks ago my otherwise-strong running bike just died in the middle of a ride and hasn't started since. We cleaned the carb, checked timing, valves were a little out of spec but it wouldn't just up and die like that... I do get a spark when I look at the plug and crank it, but maybe it's not strong enough?
  7. Well, whats the answer?
  8. They certainly didn't get worse.
  9. I've had my 05 for almost two years, and it still cranks right up hot or cold. Never torn it apart. It gets a lot of riding, too, all year long. You've got a good bike there. I have always run Rotella oil too.
  10. The radiators are there to get rid of the heat.. I don't really think the thickness of the coating on these side covers would make /that/ much of a difference.
  11. I put on JT steel sprockets with the DID X-ring, and my combo has lasted for over a year now. The ironman stuff is pretty popular, but in my opinion, it's hype. I can not see any wear on my sprockets after this long...
  12. Sure. Lots of people do. Someone posted a used oil analysis sheet that said Supertech oil was actually better though.
  13. Any steel sprocket will last 10x longer than an aluminum. Don't spend the extra money for the Iron Man unless you will really notice the weight difference (no).
  14. That looks like a new pipe, not a fixed one lol. But yeah - excellent customer service for sure. When I get a pipe it will be an MRD.
  15. No. It's not worth the money for the fancy oils. But really - this topic comes up every week. I've been using either Rotella or Supertech (whichever is cheaper) for two years... my motor has never been torn apart and it still runs.